Photography skills.

I have been taking a digital photography class at a local university on Saturday mornings. I have a Canon EOS Rebel and it works great for taking pictures of the house, the dog, family and friends. What is lacking are my skills in understanding my equipment. I have three more classes and so far I already feel that I have a better idea of what my camera can do. Improving my photography skills has been a goal of mine, but now with the baby coming I have extra incentive to hone my skills. For now my subjects are mainly Watson and Zach.

One of them is cute, hairy, and happy to have the attention. Well…both maybe fit that description but one of them poses like this:

And one makes faces like this:

And this:

Can’t you just see the love in his eyes?

Maybe its me. Maybe learning how to make my subjects feel comfortable before the lens of a camera is a skill I will pick up in class. Or maybe it is just the men in my life.  I did grow up with this guy:

If you don’t know my dad perhaps you can’t pick up  on the sarcasm in his smile. It’s there. It may help to spot it if you knew that he is a Husker born and bred and he bought this ridiculous hat to wear to a KU v. NU football game in Lawrence.  Is this just part of being a male, or of being a husband? You can’t try to look your best and flash your cutest smile every time someone pulls out a camera? As a former show choir and drill squad member maybe I just take smiling too seriously.

I have faith that if our little baby is a boy he’ll give me some genuinely sweet smiles. At least for a little bit. Until he is a teenager? Sometime before then? I really need to get this photo skills polished up in case my sweet smile capturing window is even smaller than that.

In other news one of our neighbors recently had a sweet baby girl. They have a goldendoodle who has had a bit of a hard time adjusting to not being the only baby in the house. Watson volunteered to help a fellow Doodle out today and she came over for a puppy play date. Watson has such a good heart.


Appointment Update

We are back and not much to say, but that baby is still in there and his or her heart is beating away! We have a sonogram in four weeks and that should be an exciting appointment.

15 week appointment

This afternoon we are going to the doctor for our third visit. Most likely we won’t learn anything new about our little fetus, but Zach is hoping they will do an ultrasound – highly unlikely. His advice was for me to eat a lot before the appointment so that my amazing pregnancy-bloating ability would take effect and the doctor would order an ultrasound thinking I was carrying twins and not just some extra lunch.  What a thoughtful guy.  I will post any interesting details we might get later.

Prego Milestone

It’s official! I can’t fit into a pair of my pre-pregnancy pants. I woke up this morning and groggily grabbed for a pair of work pants.  No amount of sucking in would get the top button of my pants over to its little buttonhole home. Probably the only time in life when a woman is happy about not being able to fit into a pair of her pants.

When I found out I was pregnant I went to the closet and pulled out my tightest pair of work pants.  (When I say tight please interpret this as normal fitting.) What has become apparent to me is I seem to gravitate toward looser fitting pants naturally. Or perhaps all my pre-pregnancy boot camp classes, running, and hot yoga sessions had really shrunk my waist recently.

Fashion and fit problems aside, I have been wearing these “tight” pants about every week as a way to monitor my tummy growth. So far there have been no noticeable changes to my midsection and I have really been a bit worried about it. Shouldn’t I be having some difficulty or some discomfort in wearing non-prego clothes? The Internet has been telling me this is the case.  I receive weekly emails from several pregnancy websites which contain updates on the baby’s development and my own physical growth. According to them, I should be contemplating wearing sweatpants to work, but I haven’t. Or maybe I have, but not because I like the freedom of elastic waistbands, but because I like not thinking about trying to match clothing items to each other each morning. Ugh.

In light of all that, I should say that one of my goals for pregnancy is not to worry about every symptom or lack of symptoms , but I come by worrying naturally. And if you ask the hubby, the parents, or the BFF I suspect they would say so far I have been failing miserably on the not-worrying-very-much goal. This is especially true on the topic of gaining weight. I am not ready to talk about it yet, but let’s just say OB nurses, in my experience, haven’t taken any classes in how to speak tactfully to pregnant women about their weight gain. Perhaps another pregnancy goal of mine should be to share the details of my second doctor’s appointment. It is part of my journey and it is hilarious. Or rather it should be hilarious, but I am not ready for laughing – or your laughter – yet.

I am still not considering sweatpants as business causal wear and I have no need for maternity clothes yet, but the body is changing for this baby-growing job and I guess I can stop worrying that no one will ever notice – other than me.

More snow.

Apparently the snow is predicted to go on forever. Friday slushy rain bombs fell from the sky and Saturday the snow started. Saturday evening it was fluffy flakes that just put a light dusting over the yards and didn’t stick to the streets. This variety of snow I enjoy. Watson and I went for a walk to take advantage of the pretty snow.

But this Winter Wonderland didn’t last. By this morning it was raining, sleeting and snowing. Gross. I’m glad that when baby comes there will be no chance of snow. Right? It can’t snow in August in Kansas. I think this is the first time I have looked forward to August weather in Kansas. Gross.

Belly Photo Friday

Today I am 14 weeks. Still nothing much to see here, but I anticipate that later on it will be nice to have something for comparison.

Hmmmm… Apparently Watson doesn’t understand the importance of staying out of the frame when using self timer. Or just holding still. Here is try number 2.

Still headless, but that is what you get with self timer in a tiny kitchen with one bare wall. I’ll try to get better at taking belly photos. Next time there were actually be something to see!

Lent started this week and I have decided to try to eat an extra serving of vegetables every day. I have already “given up” the typically items I would consider sacrificing for Lent – caffeine and candy – and as a former vegetarian I am embarrassed with my current intake of vegetables. At the beginning of my first trimester the sight  of raw veggies made me gag – a lot. Cooked veggies didn’t cause the same reaction, but I was a little resistant to try anything that could be construed as a leafy green for fear of triggering my gag reflex. As a result, my healthy baby-growing diet suffered. So far this week I have done pretty good so let’s hope I can keep that up.

Kitchen fix and anniversary cupcakes.

Last week we had a contractor in to do drywall repair to our kitchen wall and ceiling from the water damage over Christmas. I decided to go with something different than the granny smith green we inherited when buying the house and we are both happy with the result.

While the kitchen was in disarray I also decided it was a good time to reorganize our minimal cabinet space. We seriously have two cabinets and I expect bottles and sippy cups will take up a fair amount of that space so I tired to narrow down our kitchenware to what we really use.

We also added some curtains so the kegerator/breakfast nook is looking very classy.

(Can you tell that the previous sentence is sarcasm? I am assuming that by using the words “kegerator” and “classy” in the same sentence I have made this clear – not to mention the fact that our “breakfast nook” contains a kegerator – but I just wanted to make sure we were interpreting this the same way.)

I liked how this remodel turned out so well that I am planning on painting the rest of the rooms we never got to when we moved in.  And by planning on painting I mean planning on finding someone else to paint for me.

I don’t think this is the “nesting” instinct kicking in, but just common sense. From what I hear most people with newborns don’t have time to organize their Tupperware.


In other news, today is the anniversary of our first date – me and my husband I mean. It has been seven years since that fated dinner at Quinton’s and so far I think we are both pretty satisfied. Although if the baby turns out to have athletic ability equivalent to mine, Z may start to have second thoughts.

In honor of our dating anniversary I brought home a selection on fantastically delicious cupcakes from Cupcake A La Mode.

Oh how I love their cupcakes. And oh how I love how yummy the store smells. The shop is so girly and cute and the smell is of…fantastically delicious cupcakes. I love chocolate, but the vanilla cake is so moist that we end up always trying the vanilla cake varieties. I found out that they host little girl birthday parties in the store. How much fun would that be? It will be a few years before we have that kind of birthday party, but making a mess in someone else’s adorable kitchen sounds like a perfect idea.