BFF time

This weekend my college roomie, post-college roomie, fellow Nebraskan, life adviser, and overall greatest friend, came with her husband and 3-month-old daughter for a visit.

We enjoyed some laid back hanging out at our house which doesn’t happen for us much these days. The rest of my time I spent following her all over as she fed baby, put baby down for a nap, changed diapers, fit in tummy time, and generally cared for her sweet little girl. I asked her every question about babies that popped into my head which she happily answered. I am grateful to have her guidance in my baby journey.

What I didn’t do was take any pictures. Neither did she. We both have photo albums chronicling every week of our college experience – one album for each year and some dedicated to special events – but when we get together these days we rarely take a single photo. Why is this strange? I love taking photos and my friend and her husband have a wedding photography business. I think I get stage fright around the professionals. I don’t know what their excuse is. They do take excellent photographs which you can check out here from their last visit to KC.


One thought on “BFF time

  1. I think KC must be my escape from the photography world. What’s funny is that we took video on our way down, during our stop in Neb City – introduced our first road trip…and then didn’t take any other video the entire trip. Lol.

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