Kitchen fix and anniversary cupcakes.

Last week we had a contractor in to do drywall repair to our kitchen wall and ceiling from the water damage over Christmas. I decided to go with something different than the granny smith green we inherited when buying the house and we are both happy with the result.

While the kitchen was in disarray I also decided it was a good time to reorganize our minimal cabinet space. We seriously have two cabinets and I expect bottles and sippy cups will take up a fair amount of that space so I tired to narrow down our kitchenware to what we really use.

We also added some curtains so the kegerator/breakfast nook is looking very classy.

(Can you tell that the previous sentence is sarcasm? I am assuming that by using the words “kegerator” and “classy” in the same sentence I have made this clear – not to mention the fact that our “breakfast nook” contains a kegerator – but I just wanted to make sure we were interpreting this the same way.)

I liked how this remodel turned out so well that I am planning on painting the rest of the rooms we never got to when we moved in.  And by planning on painting I mean planning on finding someone else to paint for me.

I don’t think this is the “nesting” instinct kicking in, but just common sense. From what I hear most people with newborns don’t have time to organize their Tupperware.


In other news, today is the anniversary of our first date – me and my husband I mean. It has been seven years since that fated dinner at Quinton’s and so far I think we are both pretty satisfied. Although if the baby turns out to have athletic ability equivalent to mine, Z may start to have second thoughts.

In honor of our dating anniversary I brought home a selection on fantastically delicious cupcakes from Cupcake A La Mode.

Oh how I love their cupcakes. And oh how I love how yummy the store smells. The shop is so girly and cute and the smell is of…fantastically delicious cupcakes. I love chocolate, but the vanilla cake is so moist that we end up always trying the vanilla cake varieties. I found out that they host little girl birthday parties in the store. How much fun would that be? It will be a few years before we have that kind of birthday party, but making a mess in someone else’s adorable kitchen sounds like a perfect idea.


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