Belly Photo Friday

Today I am 14 weeks. Still nothing much to see here, but I anticipate that later on it will be nice to have something for comparison.

Hmmmm… Apparently Watson doesn’t understand the importance of staying out of the frame when using self timer. Or just holding still. Here is try number 2.

Still headless, but that is what you get with self timer in a tiny kitchen with one bare wall. I’ll try to get better at taking belly photos. Next time there were actually be something to see!

Lent started this week and I have decided to try to eat an extra serving of vegetables every day. I have already “given up” the typically items I would consider sacrificing for Lent – caffeine and candy – and as a former vegetarian I am embarrassed with my current intake of vegetables. At the beginning of my first trimester the sight  of raw veggies made me gag – a lot. Cooked veggies didn’t cause the same reaction, but I was a little resistant to try anything that could be construed as a leafy green for fear of triggering my gag reflex. As a result, my healthy baby-growing diet suffered. So far this week I have done pretty good so let’s hope I can keep that up.


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