Weekend Rundown.

I have several bits of news to report, but have been too busy having fun to blog. I am beginning to understand the commitment it takes from bloggers who post every day.  And I apologize to all my favorite bloggers who I have thought mean thoughts about when then didn’t have something new for me to read each day.

Anyway on to the rundown:

Baby dreams: According to my weekly emails from baby sites I should have been having dreams about…well babies. I have been having strangely vivid dreams since becoming pregnant, but not about being pregnant or about the baby. But Sunday night I had a dream that we had been to the doctor and found out we were having…a boy. This may upset my dad who decided – two years ago? when I was born? – that he would be getting a granddaughter. In his defense, I know that he and my mom are going to be great grandparents to whatever they get.

Baby gifts: My good friend went down to Florida to visit her parents last week. Her parents, also Nebraska natives, are so much fun and Z and I were thrilled to be invited down last fall for a visit. While we were there we kayaked around a river looking for manatees. We had a great time and were lucky enough to see several little manatee snouts coming up to the surface to investigate us and a mother and baby pair swimming along below us.

On this last trip my friend took, she and her mom got in and swam with hundreds of these giants creatures who are hanging out in the river en masse because this particular river stays at a comfy 72 degrees while the rest of Florida water is freezing.

When my friend got home her parents had sent back this little number for our little manatee*.

I love it! I also can’t believe we are going to soon have someone living with us who will be wearing this. Right now our little one is somewhere between the size of a navel orange and an avocado. Honestly I am still amazed that this little being is growing so fast in there and will actually be in need of baby-sized clothing someday.

*(Just so you don’t worry about our child’s mental heath, I don’t plan on calling him or her manatee ever again. Even though my parents called me “Moby Megi” while in infant-hood. And even though they still think it is funny to bring up that clever little nickname now.  In their defense I was nearly 10 pounds at birth, but we can revisit this later – maybe. Right now I am not ready to talk about giving birth at all let alone to a baby who is being born to two parents who were both past their due dates and each the size of a substantial Thanksgiving turkey.)

Cooking: I do not cook regular meals. Our weekly dinner menu consists of these staples – eating out, pasta, eating out, cereal, home-cooked meals at friends’ houses, and pizza. Embarrassing, but one of the few things my husband allows himself to spend money on is eating out. He doesn’t like to part with money ever, and rarely does, but one of his favorite things to do is eat out. How, as a loving wife, can I deprive him of that?

The other part of this “loving wife” bit is that I never plan ahead so I am more than happy to eat out. On top of this is our eating preferences. I rarely eat red meat, he doesn’t like chicken or turkey, and he can’t stomach any fish. Most things I cook at home are vegetarian which are the only options that make both of us happy, but conflict with my lack of meal planning skills. You need to have plans for fresh veggies when  you buy them because they don’t last as long as a pound of frozen meat.

When  Z was in law school I would have massive cooking days in preparation for finals week. I would prepare three or four casseroles and then freeze them in individual containers so he could grab two in the morning and spend the rest of the day and night studying at the library. You are impressed with my planning right now, aren’t you? Don’t be. I – not a meat eater – would make casseroles to please him – the carnivore – and then eat pasta, cereal, or eat out during his finals week.  So this approach to meal planning wasn’t a long-term solution for us.

This Sunday though, I went back to it because I will be traveling for work the rest of this week and Z will be gone the first part of next week.  I made a vegetarian lasagna in my crock pot and a beef,  pepperoni, and noodle casserole which I froze in individual containers. Both were big hits already. While I was at it I made these pine nut cookies for a girls night last night and prepped a five layer bean dip for a get-together tonight.

I admit, I was pretty proud of myself. My one amateur mistake was leaving a plate of cookies in the kitchen without a note saying “Do not eat!” One of my guys got to about three of the cookies before I caught him. The other one doesn’t read yet, but was banned from the kitchen Sunday due to his habit of jumping up on counters and snarfing anything edible or important in sight. I’m not saying who is who I don’t want to embarrass either of them, and it’s a fun mystery for you, the readers, to figure out.

Breaking the news: My last tidbit is that I finally told my work the big news yesterday. I wanted to wait until the first trimester was over and then it just worked out to wait until after we had our third doctor’s visit and got to hear the little one’s heartbeat again. My boss took the news well and was very happy for us.

So that is the highlights from the last few days and it may be a few more days before I post again as I will be at a retreat for work until Friday night. If I am on the ball, and if there is anything to see, I will post a belly photo on Friday and this time maybe get Z to hold the camera so my head is included.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Rundown.

  1. My mrs keeps having dreams that I’m cheating on her! How strange!

    Enjoy your blog, and congrats on your pregnancy!

    You might enjoy my blog if you want to know how your partner might be feeling during pregnancy!

    All the best,


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