Sibling rivalry

Oh the power of sibling rivalry.  As I have no siblings these kinds of relationships have always fascinated me – brothers and sisters, that is.  I am interested in how some siblings are best friends and others can’t get through Christmas dinner without fighting. My dad has five brothers and sisters and my favorite parts of holidays are when they all sit around and tell stories from their childhood together. Like the time my aunt took her brother’s new fringed cowboy glove and threw it out the window of the station wagon on a road trip. She claims he had been showing off all day and she only meant to hang it from the window, but the wind caught it and sucked it right out. Whatever the reason, the story makes me cry with laughter each time they tell it. I’m holding back tears right now.

Luckily for me Zach and his little brother, Arna, have been warring for years and not only can I observe this behavior I can jump right into the middle of it.   Zach is five years older than Arna and sometimes they seem to come from completely different homes. Not in a bad way; they just have vastly different interests and outlooks on life. One of my favorite war stories is of a morning battle between the two. Zach had decided to rib Arna over only they know what at the breakfast table. Arna answered Zach’s taunting by taking his bowl full of milk and cereal and flinging the whole mess at Zach.

I was so excited to hear that I had caused the latest bout of competition – who can write about their life in a blog. Arna’s lovely fiancée , Marissa, filled me in on my competition. I’m not one for major competition and if this were a comparison of who has the better blog I would be in trouble. Arna has a creative writing degree and is in the process of choosing which top-rated MFA programs to join for the fall. His choice because he has been accepted to a lot.  I majored in journalism and have been blogging for a few months. Oh, and he has won writing contests and had several short stories published. What a brat. (Name calling! That is what real brothers and sisters do, isn’t it?)

Along with preparing for an upcoming move for Arna’s further schooling, Marissa is graduating in May, currently student teaching, and planning their upcoming summer wedding.  Here are the cuties:

Honestly Zach and his little bro seem to be maturing past the cereal throwing days and do enjoy each others’ company from time to time. We are so proud of Arna and can’t wait to see what happens next for him and Marissa.

**Update March 11, 2010 **If you are interested  in Arna’s side of the story read the comments to this post. Thanks for the information A-train.


2 thoughts on “Sibling rivalry

  1. Your blog is much better! And will continue to be, I’m sure.

    Per the cereal story: (even though Zach apparently left out the part where .2 seconds after I threw the cereal he took a swing at my head, missing) not my proudest day.

    The other stories I always remember include:

    the first time I showed up at the same party Zach happened to be at (separately, in the tow of a girl) and he made me leave

    the time while on a date that I accidentally showed up at the same coffee house as him when he was on a date and he made me leave

    the time I showed up with a girl to LHS’ Showtime, taking the last remaining seats, which happened to be right in front of Zach, who promptly (and loudly) explained to the girl he was with that everybody calls me Richard Simmons because I had stupid hair and because I was gay

    I like this post a lot though. I never really thought about it from the outside. Also, I love how you neglect to mention that you gleefully partake in the recreation of Z and I’s rivalry by jumping in and helping him make fun of me. You and my mom both, actually. Zach’s probably never told you about our older siblings rivalries. Those were the worst. Zach about drove Robin and Karintha crazy.

  2. Marissa has just pointed out to me that now I have to make a better ‘brag about my siblings blog post’. This feels like a trick.

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