It’s a…


I bet you are excited to find out that we are having…

A little girl!

or a little boy!

I bet you are dying to find out that you were right that it is a girl. That is what 65% of you thought.  I know I was nearly crazy with the anticipation of finding out if my motherly intuition was on track even though it was telling me the opposite of what you all thought.

Enough teasing! Zach and I just got back from the doctor. Well, first we called our parents, then we came home to let everyone know that we are having a…



4 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Oh my God, I just read that like 18 times getting excited over and over! You clever author, you! I’m so so so happy and excited for you both! I’m totally shocked, because I definitely thought you were having a girl, but boys are great! Congratulations!!!!!

  2. And based on your experiences with Jimmy as a little boy – OH BOY 🙂

    Very happy for you. Little boys are great!

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