Lucky genes.

It happened again! I won a contest. As I said before I truly never win and have been more like the antidote to my husband’s innate luckiness until I won a wonderful spring tote from a blog I regularly read.

Then Tastebud, a local foodie magazine I like, was having a giveaway for readers. The prizes were several different plants from Greenleaf Garden Services. One of the plants was a Knock Out Rose bush which is a variety that a landscaper had told us would be good for our yard.  So I sent in an email to enter into the contest and explained how lovely a Knock Out Rose would be on the side of our front yard.

And guess what?

Bam! I won again! I don’t have the plant yet; Greenleaf was nice enough to hang on to it until the weather is better for planting.

I am s o excited for this plant because we have two beautiful azalea bushes in front of our house that last through the spring and a rose bush on the side would be a great way to keep some bright color going through the summer. I am also excited because it was highly unlikely we would be spending much money on landscaping this year with the little guy on the way.

Thanks Tastebud and Greenleaf!

Zach’s explanation for my sudden reversal of unluckiness is that I am carrying his lucky genes in my uterus. If this theory is true I don’t have much longer with the luckiness and I maybe should find some other contests to enter quickly. But, just like Zach, I now have a sense of responsibility to use my luckiness wisely. I don’t want to misuse it or tarnish the lucky name in any way.

The good news is that of all the genes Zach and I could pass along to our little guy, luckiness is definitely on the “pros” list. Like father like son, I guess. And I’m just feeling pretty lucky to be linked to them.


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