Alpo Flavored Birthday Wishes

Someone is having a birthday in our house…

Watson turns three today!
On Monday I took him to get a birthday bath and his favorite treats at the Brookside Barkery & Bath. They have big tubs in the back of their store so you can hose off your large dog just like some kind of farm animal.

Watson tolerates it, but I love it. I normally give him a bath at home, but there is always the possibility he will leap from the tub and run through the house shaking water from his mane.

The Barkery also has big, super powered air dryers to get Wats all fluffed up.

And they have a selection of doggie colognes to help extend the life of the bath. I sprayed Watson down with one that is supposed to repel dirt. I doubt that anything can come between Watson and dirt, but he still smells pretty good.

Watson has been with us through some major life changes – first house, new city, a graduate degree, new jobs – and now preparing for a new family member. I don’t think Zach will ever fully understand the joy of having a fuzzy-faced companion to “cheer” you on in good times and bad. But I really am glad to have this  big goofy dog in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Watson!


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