A morning of firsts.

I finally have written about last weekend, but first I have stuff to share about today. Today was a beautiful first day of the month! I ran outside this morning for the first time after a terribly long winter and got to use my new Garmin Forerunner for the first time!

My in-laws got it for me for Christmas and I haven’t gotten to use it yet because I ran indoors all winter. I asked for the one with the heart rate monitor which proved to be useful as I am supposed to keep my heart rate when I workout at 150 bpm while pregnant.

This morning was a great time to run outside and test out the Garmin because my running buddy is gearing up for some races so as I get slower I am not much of a training partner. We will be breaking from our regular twice-a-week running routine, which has been a great motivation for getting out of bed in the morning, but I’m sure we will still meet up for some slow runs or walks throughout the summer. We also take a boot camp class the other mornings of the week and I am going to keep that up as long as possible. It is so nice to run or workout with someone and get to chat. That has definitely helped me make working out more routine.  For the next few months the Garmin and Watson will have to become my running buddies and I am sure they are both excited about it.


One thought on “A morning of firsts.

  1. The Garmin is awesome! You will love it. I got one for Christmas too from my hubby and also got the coordinating footpod. The footpod actually allowed me to keep track on the treadmill for my runs too. Nice to be able to download all of my runs without having to skip the winter months. And when you don’t have physical running buddies, the electronic ones can be pretty fun to have.

    As someone who lives in Minnesota, I get the terribly long winter! Sounds like you are ready to break free like I am.

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