Without further ado…Weekend Rundown.

Last weekend I went up to Omaha for a “Return to Youth” visit to my BFF. The idea was that I would leave Zach and Watson at home for a weekend and try to pretend like I was just living with my friend again. Whenever I am home I stay with my parents and usually only see Barb for a couple of hours. This is sad because we used to live together – in college and after – and used to have unlimited hours to spend with each other. Now we have husbands, dogs, babies, and all kinds of other responsibilities that keep us from spending hours and hours talking. She comes down to visit us, but I wanted to get to be around her in her space for a change. It wasn’t exactly like the old days for a couple of obvious reasons – her baby girl and my baby on the way – but it was exactly what I needed.

I went up after work Friday and in between major talk sessions we managed to watch “No Impact Man,” complete a marathon visit to Babies ‘R’ Us, and go to church. Barb got the little guy this cute shirt because it reminded her of a shirt I used to wear a lot in college.

He is going to be so much cuter in this than I ever was in mine.

Saturday we headed to Babies ‘R’ Us for the “what to register for” discussion. Babies ‘R’ Us is understandably an intimidating experience for first-time parents and maybe to anyone. We saw many parent-to-be casualties collapsed in glider rockers, staring glassy-eyed at the wall of baby bottles, and contemplating whether to register for the grooming kit with the baby nail scissors or just the nail clippers.

I had a different experience entirely. I had my new-mom friend by my side to guide me past the pitfalls and point out the real necessities. I tried not to be smug as other newbies wistfully spotted my babyland sherpa and tried to eavesdrop on some of her advice.

I also got to watch the BFF in action with her 5-month-old sweetie.

Here we were hanging out in the kitchen smiling at each other while Barb makes dinner. I am really hoping this little baldy gets red hair like her dad.

As we hung out I got to observe their daily routine of sleeping, napping, feeding, diapering, and all the rest. Barb has always been willing to share what she has learned from her big life experiences with me and she usually goes first. She was first to decide to move into an apartment in college, first to get engaged, to get married, to buy a house, and now to raise a baby. I think it works best this way for both of us. She is good at making decisions and figuring out her path, and I am good at watching and learning. I like to follow up with my own life experiences closely behind for maximum benefit from her know-how.

Then Sunday I got to see what it is like to get a baby ready for church and dropped off in the nursery in time for service.

It was a refreshing weekend with my friend that I needed and enjoyed. I came back with good information about registering for the right baby stuff so that Zach and I could tackle this next task on our list and feeling lucky to have such a great friend.

On my way out of town Sunday I had lunch with my parents. One of my mom’s high school friends  was in town visiting my mom and another high school friend so the gal pals and members of their families met for lunch and listened to the ladies discuss the weekend’s events, their kids, their grandkids and future grandkids, some home design show – at length, and the Monkees. The one friend lives a little over a mile from my parents so they see each other often, but the other friend I  think they only see once a year or so. It was fun to see how friendships can last from being a teenager to becoming a grandparent.


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