Happy Easter!

Today was a beautiful Easter day. The sun was out and there was no chance of snow! The Spring flowers have started to bloom all over our neighborhood and I want to get out a takes some photos before they are done blooming. We have daffodils coming up in the yard and the best part is that now that Watson is a mature three-year-old, he no longer eats the heads off our flowers.

To welcome Spring, I made some apple butter cookies which don’t exactly say Spring as much as they do Fall, but I thought they sounded good.

We were able to get in a meal with family, some golf, some running, and a meal with friends so we had a pretty great day.

Baby Boy is kicking right now and my mother-in-law pointed out that just because I don’t wake up at night from his kicking doesn’t mean that he isn’t doing it. Hmmm….good point. So much to learn.


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