Baby’s first golf outing.

I was reading an article the other day about the hidden dangers for babies in your home. I have been trying to convince Zach that we need to replace our carpet with wood floors. If you know Zach I don’t need to tell you that he has not/will not go for this. Anyway, I like to needle him so I sent him this:

Your carpet – Though you may not think about it, carpets are loaded with chemicals…carpeting is a virtual haven for dust mites, dander, and dirt…

What you can do now: …blah, blah…best to spring for some hardwood flooring…other unimportant details.”

Here’s the email I got back:

Your health – Though you may not think about it, you really need some fresh air – air that can only be found in grassy areas, far away from houses and other developments of modern-day life.  In fact, that air you may think is fresh is actually diluted by the pollution of cars and such. But there is one place in today’s society where no cars can be found: the golf course. And aside from providing fresh air, golfing is a virtual paradise  for quiet, intellectually challenging experiences.

What you can do now: You don’t need to quit your job any time soon, but you should run – don’t walk – to the nearest course when the clock hits 5:00 (depending on how fancy a course it is, you may actually want to walk). And if you’re thinking of doing some work around the house or mowing the lawn, don’t.  You need that fresh air to stay refreshed and keep healthy.  You can always clean out the garage in the winter.”

Convenient, no? But, how could I disagree? We rushed over to the golf course right after work.

I had to modify my golf wardrobe as I don’t have any maternity golf shirts. Thank goodness for maternity tank tops or I would be sporting a midriff polo shirt.

Substitute a baby for the golf clubs and not all that different, right?

I enjoy weeknight golfing in the Spring. The weather is warm, but cool enough for a good long walk and we get the course almost to ourselves. When we lived in Lincoln we used to go out almost exclusively after 5 p.m.

It is a relaxing way for us to spend time together and it doesn’t cut into his Saturday or Sunday more serious golf time.  I don’t like the Saturday experience anyway because it is too much sun exposure, too many holes, and I don’t like the pressure of having people right on your tail. Nine holes in the evening is the perfect golf length and temperature for me.  And watching the sun set beyond the greens one of the best parts.


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