Baby guidebooks.

“The problem with the baby books is that the baby doesn’t read them.” But what if he listens to them in utero?

I checked out The Seven Stages of Motherhood from the library this week and have been listening to it in the car.

I have been re-listening to the first stage, “altered states: pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester.” The rest of the book was interesting, but I think right now I am mainly focused on trying to mentally prepare for the next six months – the rest of pregnancy, the birth, and the dreaded first three months of living with an infant. I think the best message of the book for me is that there is a lot you can mess up and your baby is still going to be OK. That I am not going to have a clue what I am doing and that this is OK.

The baby hears everything I hear at this point so what pointers is he taking away from this book? Perhaps, be really good and happy because your mom is clueless?


My first baby.

As much as I try to deny it I, perhaps, occasionally, treat my dog like a baby. Thankfully Zach usually reminds me that the dog will not listen to my commands if I say them in baby voices and thankfully Watson was only small enough to hold for about one week of his life.  But I did snuggle him like a furry little baby as much as I could that week.

Thanks for the photo, B!

Weekend activities.

Last weekend started with my BFF and her 7-month-old driving more than 3 hours to spend a little more than 24 hours helping organize my life. It was fantastic. My BFF is amazing at organizing and purging which I needed help with to transform our “third room” into a guestroom/office/sewing room and our “bonus room” into a super fantastically organized storage/workspace. We sorted, cleansed, and re-shelved a now smaller amount of stuff. Zach got the cleaning bug too and helped by carrying piles of stuff from one level of the house to another and putting together the baby swing!

I should have taken before and after pictures of the two rooms, but I have a few tweaks left to finish them off.  I would never have gotten through this overwhelming project before the baby came and I don’t know how to thank my friend for her selflessness.

For the second part of my weekend my mom, dad, and my mom’s BFF and her husband came down for a quick visit. They were in town for a James Taylor concert and then stayed for the weekend so they could see us.

I had a marathon shopping day with my mom and her BFF and we had a great time. My dad told my mom to spend some money on me so my mom decided I needed more maternity clothes and bought me a whole load of new summer stuff which will make life easier. We then found ridiculously cute things for baby boy including an Adidas track suit to match his father’s collection of track suits, and a pair of bright red baby suspenders to match his grandfather’s. I also got this state-of-the-art cheese grater from Crate and Barrel.  I broke my last one with all  of my meals of grated Parmesan. This grater is sturdy and has a little measuring cup attached to the bottom.

Oh, and my BFF’s little girl broke in the nursery. It seemed to work out just fine except for the door which Watson can open by rearing back and using his stilt legs to shove open. He decided to do this at about 10:30 p.m. one night assuring that baby girl will probably have a fear of furry muppet-like animals for the rest of her life. My dad fixed the door while he was here so that Watson won’t be able to storm into anymore babies’ nightmares.

A furry break from my typical Wednesday.

What do Wednesdays usually look like for me? I know you have been wondering. Well every Wednesday is just about like every other weekday for me. I come to work and sit at my desk.

Here is my desk. Pretty normal. Lots of water bottles – still pregnant so still very thirsty. Nothing to get excited about here.

Here is what is usually under my desk. A fairly normal trashcan. Some might even say boring, no?

Here is what was under my desk this morning:

That’s Watson with his travel water dish snoozing next to my desk.

Do I work for Google? Or a pet store? Or out of my home? Oh, no, no, no. I work in an office building, which also is a gallery for local artists, i.e. not a place typically friendly to a 79-pound, two-foot-tall, excessively energetic  Labradoodle.

To explain this break from my routine I must confess something that some of you probably already know:  I take my dog to doggy daycare just about every weekday. There is a place a block from my office so each morning Watson and I carpool, me to my office job and he to his job as a dog. It is great because I don’t want to leave him in his crate for 10  hours every day and it is a bit far to drive home everyday to let him out at lunch. This is not a permanent solution, obviously life and priorities will be different when the baby is here, but until now this has helped us survive three years of puppyhood with a Labradoodle without losing any furniture, walls, books, or shoes to his bored chewing.

Anyhow, confession aside, no one was at the daycare this morning which is atypical. There were four other people waiting. I decided to go over to my office and tell my coworker the situation and that I was headed back home and would be back later. Ugh. He said, “Just bring him inside. They do that downstairs all the time.” Oh really? Our company – consisting of three employees – rents the top floor of the building from the owner of the building who has four employees downstairs. I balked for a moment, but then realized that would be so much better than taking another 45 minutes to an hour to go drop off the dog at home. So I did it. And took pictures.

About half an hour later the owner of the doggy daycare called to apologize and came to pick up Watson. She is great, but it sounds like she has some unreliable employees. I really am not upset at all because clearly it worked out fine for me. I know some people are pretty fired up and the owner is going to have a rough day which I wish she didn’t have to go through.

But for us, we had a nice little character test. Watson got to prove that he can semi-calmly walk into a new environment and lay down calmly. I got to see him do it. Maybe someday he will be able to do it longer than 30 minutes. I imagine it would be nice to have your furry buddy next to you all day. Right now, though,  I’m grateful to return to a normal Wednesday.


for an update to my blog that is!

I had a wonderful, busy weekend that I will fill you in on, but for now I just wanted to check in and say we are doing great! The boy is getting big – probably about 2.5 pounds and 15 inches – so I am feeling him move around a lot more.  And I’m looking and feeling pregnant. I was walking down a small hill today and felt a little like I was going downhill on a roller coaster. This tummy propels me downhill with a little more speed than normal.

Anyway, more on the weekend activities later.

“This family needs a baby.”

Monday when I got home from work a large box was on the front porch. This was inside:

A whole assortment of goodies from our registry from my uncles! We were so excited to go through all the baby stuff and think about using it.

Then the next day this was sitting on the porch:

They had sent this too! I really want to set it up right now, but I suppose we don’t have any use for it quite yet. I’m thankful to have a family that is so generous and excited for this little baby.