Finishing the first week of local food.

Are you tired of reading about food yet? I am enjoying this because I really stink at meal preparation and this week has been a totally new experience for me. I may have grated off part of my fingernail as a result of my obsession with having freshly grated Parmesan on everything, I made have told Zach to get the heck out of my way while I was cooking, directly after asking ordering him to put away the dishes while I was cooking, and I may have sliced off a part of that same fingernail while chopping radishes. But…I have conquered the bounty of fresh produce! It’s all gone! I made meals we both enjoyed, haven’t thrown anything out because it spoiled, and cleared my fridge in time for this week’s pick up.

Monday night’s meal was my favorite so far. I decided to use a recipe from my CSA cookbook for Orzo with green onions and carrots. Well, I didn’t have carrots and I had a whole lot of radishes.

I figured that, in theory, radishes served the same purpose so I substituted. First I wanted to try sauteing the radishes. I sliced them up, threw them in a pan with olive oil and they came out tasty enough that I made sure to reserve a “snack pile” so Zach wouldn’t eat all of them before I got them into the meal.

Then I mixed fat-free cottage cheese, fat-free sour cream, chopped green onions, my sautéed radishes, and salt and pepper in with cooked orzo. Creamy and delicious.

I chopped up the rest of our greens and mushrooms for an accompanying salad.

And we topped that with salad dressing Giada-style.

And if you made it this far I will reward you with some information about the baby. He, like me, loved, loved, loved Lea Michele and Idina Menzel’s rendition of I Dreamed a Dream on Glee last night. I cried and he kicked lovingly.


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