Weekend activities.

Last weekend started with my BFF and her 7-month-old driving more than 3 hours to spend a little more than 24 hours helping organize my life. It was fantastic. My BFF is amazing at organizing and purging which I needed help with to transform our “third room” into a guestroom/office/sewing room and our “bonus room” into a super fantastically organized storage/workspace. We sorted, cleansed, and re-shelved a now smaller amount of stuff. Zach got the cleaning bug too and helped by carrying piles of stuff from one level of the house to another and putting together the baby swing!

I should have taken before and after pictures of the two rooms, but I have a few tweaks left to finish them off.  I would never have gotten through this overwhelming project before the baby came and I don’t know how to thank my friend for her selflessness.

For the second part of my weekend my mom, dad, and my mom’s BFF and her husband came down for a quick visit. They were in town for a James Taylor concert and then stayed for the weekend so they could see us.

I had a marathon shopping day with my mom and her BFF and we had a great time. My dad told my mom to spend some money on me so my mom decided I needed more maternity clothes and bought me a whole load of new summer stuff which will make life easier. We then found ridiculously cute things for baby boy including an Adidas track suit to match his father’s collection of track suits, and a pair of bright red baby suspenders to match his grandfather’s. I also got this state-of-the-art cheese grater from Crate and Barrel.  I broke my last one with all  of my meals of grated Parmesan. This grater is sturdy and has a little measuring cup attached to the bottom.

Oh, and my BFF’s little girl broke in the nursery. It seemed to work out just fine except for the door which Watson can open by rearing back and using his stilt legs to shove open. He decided to do this at about 10:30 p.m. one night assuring that baby girl will probably have a fear of furry muppet-like animals for the rest of her life. My dad fixed the door while he was here so that Watson won’t be able to storm into anymore babies’ nightmares.


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