So much for not buying much.

I got a pair of maternity jeans that I ordered from Old Navy today.

I have a ton of maternity clothes from Zach’s cousin and I was trying to get by without buying much else. But she is at about 4 inches shorter than me so I only have one pair of long pants for my pregnant body and I was trying to get by with skirts, capris, and shorts. I reasoned that since it was a hot summer I wouldn’t really need pants, but it really feels un-American to not have at least one pair of jeans.

When I slipped them on today I just felt more like myself and that is worth $19.99 with a 30% discount for sure.

Last weekend I was home to go to a breastfeeding class in Lincoln. MilkWorks is a non-profit helping women get more information and support in breastfeeding. My BFF had taken the class and thought it was good enough to come in for so my mom and I went on Saturday. It was a very helpful class and the best part was being in a room full of ladies who also had sore backs and swollen feet. The agency has a baby store so of course Mom and I had to do some shopping. We got this sweet little aden + anais sleep sack and matching swaddle blanket.

It is made of a lightweight muslin which seems prefect for swaddling a baby in hot weather.

I am trying not to buy too much until after our baby showers, but I did have a coupon so it would have just been silly not to get something.

And speaking of things I haven’t waited to buy, I picked up two pairs of BabyLegs a few weeks ago. I got them in the mail when Zach’s golfing buddy was over a few weekends ago and when I asked him if he knew what they were he was stumped.

While I haven’t completely avoided buying things, I do feel like I have gotten some necessary products.


The name game.

An important part of pregnancy and preparing for your baby is the choosing of the name. Zach and I don’t take this responsibility lightly. We haven’t chosen a name yet, but we have considered many possibilities. Zach’s little brother is convinced we have decided on a name and are just concealing it, but I can’t lie convincingly nor keep secrets. My mom had the same thought as Arna so this weekend she tried to trick me into revealing the name. Luckily, there was no name for me to keep secret or she would have gotten it out of me.

I think we can’t pick a name because we worry that we will set our hearts on one only to find out that it has become incredibly popular. In the years we were born our names – Meghan and Zachary – were at their peak popularity.  Going through years of school as one of several Megs and Zachs gave  us each the desire to come up with a more unique name for our firstborn. I also like the idea of family names. Zach likes a name that has an awesome nickname like Ace.

In order to find a name that meets all our needs we rely on a few websites. One favorite is The Baby Name Wizard. You can track the popularity of a name over time or search a map of the states to see where names are popular.

Another of Zach’s favorites is Name Berry. This is a typical site for searching names, but the site offers opinions on the names.

Another good one to search for popularity is the Social Security Administration’s baby names site.  The top names of 2009 came out about a month ago which did eliminate at least one name from our list (due to a meteoric rise in popularity).

My mom is now a little worried that we aren’t going to choose a name at all. Zach has a friend whose little brother wasn’t named until he was six weeks old. I assured her that we would have a name before we left the hospital. I don’t know if Zach’s mom is as worried, but she has done her part by suggesting a few names she likes. Her suggestions are just too good not to share.

The first email from Zach’s mom:

“What about Patrick  (Packy, Pat) , Conroy, Harlan,,Asa, Alban, Armand, Shane, Obdiah, Yogi, Damon, Ivan,  Carey, Murray, Wendell, Ike, Claude, Bartle, Armor, Waylon, Carman, Bennis, Garvey, Roman, *Chance, Sandford, Orson,  Arlis, Leon, Green (from Bob), Calvin, Pete, Purvis, Endeavor, Cornell, McKay, Rawlins…Finney, Erskin… Chinua, Ellison   Riley, Angelo, Borris, Alphonse,”

And the follow-up email:

…Anyhow,  what about Roscoe, Plato, Pascal, Leo, Mack (combo of Meghan and Zack), Zev (had a nice high school friend with this name), Cassin (my mom’s maiden name), Satchel, Chester, Paco, Franz, Judah, Maury, Mason, Hamlin, Ole, Julius, Everett, Walker, Keenon, Truman, Jonah, Guy, Evon, Blair, Bailey, Jackie, Bernie, Gunter, Juno, Kendall, Jupiter, Robeson, Houston, Cormac, Vidia, Graham.  Mooser (family name of my grandma), Anderson (family name of your grandma), Calvin (Myrle’s brother), Cornell, Fisher, Melvin and that’s it.  Leah  Oh I forgot Zane (as in Zane Grey)   Lars,  Dunbar, Ralph, …that’s really it… Mom.”

We do like some of her suggestions, but you have to wonder exactly what her inspiration was in coming up with some of the others.

So we do have a name list, which we add to and subtract from weekly, but I don’t know that  we will rush into our choice. We still have probably seven weeks or more left and I think we will be using all of our allotted time.

Maybe if we lived in one of these countries our choice would be easier because we would have more constraints to work within.

Thanks for bearing with us,

Meghan, Zach, and little Purvis Jupiter

As promised…

a 32 week belly photo! Here I am trying to find where my hips used to be.

And here I am enjoying a mango fruit bar at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. I went down to look around this afternoon with my BFF and her family before heading back to KC.

And here is a sneak attack photo my friend’s husband took of the belly on its own.

Baby Photo Friday

I should have never promised belly photos on Fridays. It is way too hard to get that done every Friday. Especially because I am headed home for a visit with my parents for the weekend.

I will post a new photo of the baby bump by the end of the weekend, but to hold you over until then here is one to start you thinking about what our little boy might look like.

Yep, that’s my little boy’s daddy when he was a towheaded toddler. He was born with a head of dark hair which eventually gave way to his tousled blonde locks.

Have a great weekend!

Some stuff we’ve done.

I know I say it all the time, but my brain is working less and less the more pregnant I get. I can’t form compound sentences anymore and coming up with headlines for my posts is beyond my capability.

Anyway, I mentioned that we got two rooms painted. Neither was the baby’s room which we left the bright, sunny yellow that it was as our guestroom. We never painted our master bathroom and it was in need of a fresh coat. I went with a light green which actually ended up looking good with our sink.

The next room that needed a makeover was the new guestroom. I picked a gray color, but it is very neutral.

In sewing and crafting news, I made a few burp cloths to give to another friend. I got this pattern over at Jill’s and the burp cloths have been a hit at baby showers, just like she said they would be!

I also tried to make some “hospital headbands” she just made in preparation for her upcoming trip to the  delivery room. It sounded like a great idea to keep my hair out of my face, but I made them way too tight and therefore unusable. I will have to try again.

And in fresh veggie news, we are still getting our weekly load of vegetables and fruits and I have been continuing to cook them up in tempting ways.

Tonight I made pesto with the basil we got. This week  we also got potatoes, white onions, greens, green beans, and…

this little honey bear! After sampling spoonfuls last night, I had some on toast and ice cream and Zach had some on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, it is delicious honey and we can’t get enough of it.

32 weeks of mental and physical preparation.

As I approach my 32 week of pregnancy I thought I would do a list of “highlights.” Most of these are topics or events that I haven’t gotten in to any other posts and some I have talked about over and over again so remember that I am very pregnant and my brain is not the most organized part of my life. So here we go.

Since being pregnant:

  • I had my first “I-can-no-longer-reach-my-toes-with-enough-ease-to-paint-them” pedicure. My friend came with me and it was fabulous. 
  • I got a prenatal massage and it was also fabulous.
  • Zach and I have now babysat for two children – one at  5 months and one at 19 months – who were perfectly reasonable little creatures who slept happily for 90% of the time they stayed with us. In fact the 19-month-old told me “night-night” and started walking up the stairs to the baby’s room on her own. Somehow I  don’t think that parenting will be quite like this.
  • I – or my BFF or husband – have reorganized the kitchen, basement, office, sun porch/storage area, TV room, bedroom, baby’s room, and linen closet. No area is safe.
  • We have sold 13 items on various online forums, only had 1 item returned because I had thrown a key piece of it out in the reorganizing mania, and bought 2 golf clubs from various online forums (guess which one of us did this?)
  • I have read countless pregnancy and baby-related books, magazines, and articles including the oh-so-helpful Mommywood by Tori Spelling. (My mother-in-law thought I needed some balance in my reading selections.)
  • I have given my dog the command “stop pulling me, I’m pregnant” several times with little to no change to his behavior. (He has a harness so don’t worry about my safety.)
  • I have also given my dog the command “pull me up this last hill, I’m pregnant” which has a much higher success rate.
  • Zach and I went on a “babymoon” trip – otherwise known as the last trip you take before parenthood – to San Diego with two of my high school friends and their boyfriends.  (Don’t despair for us – I am totally excited for travel after parenthood as well. I plan on vacationing with the little guy as well as leaving him with either set of willing grandparents.)
  • I have progressed from gleefully calling my husband at work the first time I felt a kick and the first time I saw a kick, to pushing back on my belly and begging the little guy to stop kicking his mother so much. (He is rolling his knees back and forth under my ribcage as I write this.)
  • I will always remember the look Zach gave me when we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time, the delight I felt when I knew I was feeling a kick for the first time, and the awe I had at seeing our babe for the first time on the ultrasound.
  • I have written 102 posts on this blog about my pregnancy experience. (103 counting this one.)
  • I have had 3 complete and total meltdowns. One because of a TV plot line involving an infant left in a hot car, one because at 28 weeks I couldn’t fit into a pre-pregnancy dress, and one because I couldn’t get the footrest on the couch to come up. (Ask Zach if you really must know the accurate total of my crying fits.)
  • I bought a Father’s Day gift for my husband for the first time.
  • I have started holding my arms out for balance when I walk down stairs.
  • I joined a community supported agriculture group and have been actually planning and cooking meals weekly in an effort to use all our fresh produce. And my husband actually likes what I am cooking. (Last night we grilled pork chops and radishes and I made banana bread.)
  • I have made an effort to learn more about taking better photos in preparation of taking lots of the boy.
  • I have read the same book and sung the same song almost every night for the last couple of weeks in the hope that I will create a bedtime routine now that will magically lull our child to sleep once he’s on the outside.
  • I have gone upstairs to stand in the doorway of his room countless times just to look and to wait.

All this and I still know that part of me can never imagine what it is really going to be like.

Meet the BOB.

Thanks to Zach’s parents, we are now the proud owners of a BOB Revolution Jogging stroller! I am excited about this.

Zach is still processing the fact that a single piece of baby equipment can cost so much. In defense of my prized stroller I actually told Zach’s friend – as we watched Zach put together the BOB – that this is a “lifetime stroller.”

Hmmm….let’s hope not. What I meant was the capacity is 70 pounds so you can have a kid in the stroller from birth through however old they are when they reach 70 pounds. We have the car seat adapter so we really can use this stroller on our first day out of the hospital and don’t need any other stroller. So I guess what I meant by “lifetime” was the entirety of the time we would need a stroller. Let’s say that this is pregnancy logic and move on.

While we probably do want another stroller for a lightweight option in times you have to carry your stroller around, I really have a hard time accepting that I will ever want to be without my BOB. This front wheel pivots for maximum control and steering ease while walking and then it locks in a straight position for running or off-roading. Endless possibilities. While my prego brain is preventing me at the moment from coming up with reasons I would take my baby “off-road” I’m excited to know that these reasons exist and that the makers of the BOB have prepared me for them.

Even though the BOB is heavier than other strollers out there, it fold up small and quickly. I practiced. And on top of all the storage spaces the BOB comes with, my in-laws got me this handlebar console so that I can jog or stroll with multiple beverages and have a convenient place for my phone and keys.

If only it had some sort of attachment that would whomp a Labradoodle on the head when he thinks about chasing a rabbit then it would fit all my needs perfectly.

I really hope the boy loves the BOB as much as I do.