Impromptu photo shoot.

While I was visiting my parents I took a short break from sewing to photography some of the flowers in their gardens. The beautiful, full peonies are still in bloom while at home, just a little further south, most are finishing up their blooms. My parents have these lovely white ones,

and bright pink ones…wait. Something is wrong with this picture.

Much better. No, wait, not quite right.

OK, Watson, you win. We will do a Labradoodle photo shoot. It’s hard to be mad at this furry beast for getting in the way of pictures when all he is trying to do is be right by my side. He is such a good dog.

Watson figured since I was down there on his level anyway I might as well scratch his belly. Thanks, Watson. That is so thoughtful.

Now, back to the gorgeous peonies. Nope, wait, still not ready to give me some room.

While he is a good dog, I just don’t think his close-ups are as lovely as the flowers.


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