Sunday dinner.

So the day was pretty productive. While everyone napped  I got the new guestroom/office/sewing room organization project almost finished up. Just a few more finishing touches and it will be fully operational. Of course, this is all thanks to my BFF who came down to get me going on this organization makeover. And I now have room to do some sewing projects. I have one in the works right now which I hope to finish up this week.

For dinner I made a CSA salad with our local produce.

This one had mixed greens, thinly sliced Chinese cabbage, chicken, apple, grated Parmesan, and my salad dressing. It was yummy. Thinking about it now, some toasted walnuts would have been another good addition.

Then for dessert we had Sprite floats with rainbow sherbet.

My belly keeps getting bigger and the way I feel the baby’s movement has changed. It used to be kicks or jabs here then there, but now it is more like an elbow or other joint sliding slowly along under my skin. I know where he is all the time instead of only being able to find him after a kick. I have no idea how to tell one body part from another, but I am going to ask the doctor next week when I am there to see if she can feel around and figure it out for me.

My belly button is closed up tight and is just a slit now. Zach is sure it will pop, but my mom said hers never did so I am not sure if mine really will. It looks like a tiny little incision scar and I can’t imagine how it could flip out. I know the boy will need more room, but I think he is going to need a lot more than that little bit.

I still feel like I have a lot to get done before the new family member arrives, but I’m starting this week off feeling more tired than last week. Luckily I have Zach to remind me to put my feet up.


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