Father’s Day Weekend.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad! The soon-to-be father in my house had potentially the best father’s day he will ever have. He had a friend in for the weekend and the two of them spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday playing a round of golf each day and then finishing up their days watching the U.S. Open. Today they wrapped up the three-day golf weekend by grilling some bacon-wrapped fillets on Zach’s new grill.

On top of celebratingĀ  like a dad, Zach worked like a father. First, he didn’t get frustrated with me when the fan I got on sale for $19 to put in the baby’s room cost us an additional $100 to install. He instead said that he thought it was going to be very nice for the baby.

Then he sold one of his giant TVs that I decided we need to get rid of to make room for the baby. And then after an afternoon of golf he carried it out of the baby’s room and down two flights of stairs.

And then he didn’t question when I spent $6 for a pint of organic soy ice cream and then spent $8.50 on another pint of ice cream the next day. He instead thanked me for sharing the ice cream. The second pint was from Christopher Elbow’s new ice cream store, Glace Artisan Ice Cream. I got Fleur de Sal and it was worth every penny.

And then…he put together the stroller because I couldn’t wait any longer even though he had planned to do it next weekend.

Zach is already being a great husband and father-to-be by supporting his pregnant wife in her every whim and I am so excited for him to get to meet his baby and for next year when the boy and I can honor him on his first official Father’s Day.


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