The name game.

An important part of pregnancy and preparing for your baby is the choosing of the name. Zach and I don’t take this responsibility lightly. We haven’t chosen a name yet, but we have considered many possibilities. Zach’s little brother is convinced we have decided on a name and are just concealing it, but I can’t lie convincingly nor keep secrets. My mom had the same thought as Arna so this weekend she tried to trick me into revealing the name. Luckily, there was no name for me to keep secret or she would have gotten it out of me.

I think we can’t pick a name because we worry that we will set our hearts on one only to find out that it has become incredibly popular. In the years we were born our names – Meghan and Zachary – were at their peak popularity.  Going through years of school as one of several Megs and Zachs gave  us each the desire to come up with a more unique name for our firstborn. I also like the idea of family names. Zach likes a name that has an awesome nickname like Ace.

In order to find a name that meets all our needs we rely on a few websites. One favorite is The Baby Name Wizard. You can track the popularity of a name over time or search a map of the states to see where names are popular.

Another of Zach’s favorites is Name Berry. This is a typical site for searching names, but the site offers opinions on the names.

Another good one to search for popularity is the Social Security Administration’s baby names site.  The top names of 2009 came out about a month ago which did eliminate at least one name from our list (due to a meteoric rise in popularity).

My mom is now a little worried that we aren’t going to choose a name at all. Zach has a friend whose little brother wasn’t named until he was six weeks old. I assured her that we would have a name before we left the hospital. I don’t know if Zach’s mom is as worried, but she has done her part by suggesting a few names she likes. Her suggestions are just too good not to share.

The first email from Zach’s mom:

“What about Patrick  (Packy, Pat) , Conroy, Harlan,,Asa, Alban, Armand, Shane, Obdiah, Yogi, Damon, Ivan,  Carey, Murray, Wendell, Ike, Claude, Bartle, Armor, Waylon, Carman, Bennis, Garvey, Roman, *Chance, Sandford, Orson,  Arlis, Leon, Green (from Bob), Calvin, Pete, Purvis, Endeavor, Cornell, McKay, Rawlins…Finney, Erskin… Chinua, Ellison   Riley, Angelo, Borris, Alphonse,”

And the follow-up email:

…Anyhow,  what about Roscoe, Plato, Pascal, Leo, Mack (combo of Meghan and Zack), Zev (had a nice high school friend with this name), Cassin (my mom’s maiden name), Satchel, Chester, Paco, Franz, Judah, Maury, Mason, Hamlin, Ole, Julius, Everett, Walker, Keenon, Truman, Jonah, Guy, Evon, Blair, Bailey, Jackie, Bernie, Gunter, Juno, Kendall, Jupiter, Robeson, Houston, Cormac, Vidia, Graham.  Mooser (family name of my grandma), Anderson (family name of your grandma), Calvin (Myrle’s brother), Cornell, Fisher, Melvin and that’s it.  Leah  Oh I forgot Zane (as in Zane Grey)   Lars,  Dunbar, Ralph, …that’s really it… Mom.”

We do like some of her suggestions, but you have to wonder exactly what her inspiration was in coming up with some of the others.

So we do have a name list, which we add to and subtract from weekly, but I don’t know that  we will rush into our choice. We still have probably seven weeks or more left and I think we will be using all of our allotted time.

Maybe if we lived in one of these countries our choice would be easier because we would have more constraints to work within.

Thanks for bearing with us,

Meghan, Zach, and little Purvis Jupiter


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