So much for not buying much.

I got a pair of maternity jeans that I ordered from Old Navy today.

I have a ton of maternity clothes from Zach’s cousin and I was trying to get by without buying much else. But she is at about 4 inches shorter than me so I only have one pair of long pants for my pregnant body and I was trying to get by with skirts, capris, and shorts. I reasoned that since it was a hot summer I wouldn’t really need pants, but it really feels un-American to not have at least one pair of jeans.

When I slipped them on today I just felt more like myself and that is worth $19.99 with a 30% discount for sure.

Last weekend I was home to go to a breastfeeding class in Lincoln. MilkWorks is a non-profit helping women get more information and support in breastfeeding. My BFF had taken the class and thought it was good enough to come in for so my mom and I went on Saturday. It was a very helpful class and the best part was being in a room full of ladies who also had sore backs and swollen feet. The agency has a baby store so of course Mom and I had to do some shopping. We got this sweet little aden + anais sleep sack and matching swaddle blanket.

It is made of a lightweight muslin which seems prefect for swaddling a baby in hot weather.

I am trying not to buy too much until after our baby showers, but I did have a coupon so it would have just been silly not to get something.

And speaking of things I haven’t waited to buy, I picked up two pairs of BabyLegs a few weeks ago. I got them in the mail when Zach’s golfing buddy was over a few weekends ago and when I asked him if he knew what they were he was stumped.

While I haven’t completely avoided buying things, I do feel like I have gotten some necessary products.


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