Time to vote.

Now that we have reached full-term it is time to play some guessing games. I have created two polls for your amusement, one to guess the weight and one to predict the arrival date of our little guy.

As there may be some of you out there that don’t know all about me and Zach I thought it would be helpful to give you some background on our own birth stats.

If you have been a long-time reader of my blog or a family member you may remember that my parents’ nickname for me as an infant was “Moby Megi.” This wasn’t one of those clever nicknames like “Little John” for the biggest guy you know. It was a more literal pet name. I came into this world at just under 10 lbs. and 5 days late. (It should surprise no one that I am an only child.)

Zach was a full 14 days past his due date and a slightly slimmer 9 lbs. 3 oz. I was showing Zach’s mom some of our newborn onesies and she refused to believe that they weren’t for preemies. I showed her that the newborn weight range on one of the little outfits was 5-8 lbs. which is pretty average for a new baby, but I can see why she thought they were too tiny.

Some people say that your labor and delivery will be similar to your mother’s, but those people trip over themselves to say that isn’t always true when they hear about my mother’s.

I don’t want to throw you off too much so I will also say that my doctor is predicting a very average birth weight for our guy, somewhere between 7 and 7.5 lbs.

So now you it is up to you to decide what to base your guesses on. I don’t think I can ever participate in this game. I am going to be focusing on my relaxation breathing.


Pizza: CSA style

We had some great produce this week from our CSA, a bunch of melons, onions, potatoes, squash, and the first tomatoes of the season! I was so excited I came home and made a pizza.

My friend gave me a recipe for an easy whole wheat pizza dough. I have never made pizza dough from scratch and was excited to try it.

It looked good going into the oven, but I wasn’t sure until we tasted it how it had turned out.

It tasted delicious and it was the perfect base for the tomatoes.

Belly photo Friday – 37 weeks!

If you ever wondered what I might look like with a watermelon shoved under my shirt…

Bam! There it is. Now that we are full term the boy is just busy putting on weight, practicing breathing, swallowing and blinking, and preparing for the big day.

We went out to walk a few holes with Zach at the golf course this evening. He is trying to get in as many rounds as possible before the baby arrives. Tomorrow he will be playing 36 holes as a send out to one of his golf buddies who has a 3 month old and ending his club membership. The other golf buddy also has a pregnant wife so I think they all feel that their Saturdays of all day golfing are numbered.

Baby Progress Report.

I am almost full term – 37 weeks on Friday – and had a doctor’s appointment today. There isn’t much to report except that we are moving in the right direction. My body seems to know what to do and how we are going to have to get this baby out, but it looks like it will be safe to say this little guy won’t be born in July.

Even though the nurse today said she had never seen a woman at their practice go to 42 weeks, that still means this boy could be born in August or September. So d-day could be next weekend or it could be 5 weeks from now which is fine with me as long as air conditioning still exists.

We have our childbirth class tonight and our month of baby prep classes will finally come to an end. I will report back with the highlights of our experience later this week.

We still eat veggies.

Just in case you thought we had given up on our fresh veggies, we haven’t. I just have not gotten around to photographing our CSA produce before we eat it for the last couple of weeks and honestly I am going through a small rough patch in the meal planning. Just when you get used to making salads and sauteing radishes, the weather changes and you have a whole new crop of fruits and veggies to find meals for.

As we get into late summer we have continued to get bunches of potatoes and onions each week along with a variety of herbs, corn, squash, and cucumbers. Last week I was please to get some plump blackberries and melons that looked like striped yellow squashes. The farmer who brings in our vegetables told me to keep the melon chilled and then eat it like any other melon. The flavor was like a Honeydew, but milder.

To battle the plethora of potatoes and onions I have tried a few other methods than just grilling.  I made a giant batch of potato salad with a recipe from my CSA cookbook. It was an easy recipe, calling for onions  – of which I also have tons,  carrots, a little Nayonaise (vegan mayonnaise), mustard, pepper, and pickle juice.   Zach loved it. Last night I sautéed onions, potatoes, and corn and put it all together for a mixed vegetable side dish. I have also frozen a few small baggies of chopped onions to keep them on hand for later recipes and because we just can’t eat all of them fast enough.

Last night I made pesto again with our basil and used some leftover roasted walnuts instead of pine nuts. Then I sliced up cucumbers to have in the fridge to munch on and that gets us almost ready to get this week’s produce. We still have a bag full of potatoes and a couple of un-frozen onions so it looks like I will be making more potato and onion salad this week.

Feathering the nest.

We are not ready to reveal the complete look of the nursery because we have a few more small touches before it is finished. We had some late decoration inspiration and I am still waiting for something to be delivered. I didn’t want to do an all-inclusive theme in the room because I knew we would have gifts and other touches from friends and family that I would want to have a place in the room.

We have two bookshelves in the room and are quickly building a little person’s library on one. On top is a piggy bank from my mom’s good friend.

One shelf has all board books ready for an early reader.

On the top shelf we have a gift from my parents.

My mom said that she wanted these Winnie the Pooh bookends for my nursery, but she never got them. So now after all this time she got to buy them for her grandchild.

On the other bookshelf we right now have stuffed animals and toys.

The little guy’s closet is coming together with older age clothing organized and ready for its debut. Here is a selection of some of the 0-3 month clothing that is hanging ready in his closet.

Yes, that is a jean jacket with a hoodie attached and yes, the monkey on that onesie has a Mohawk.  Thanks to our friends this baby has one hip wardrobe.

And here is the little cardigan Zach’s cousin knitted for the boy.

My grandma got us some special keepsakes in honor of the little guy. This is a tiny set of silverware that matches our silver pattern.

And this is a lace christening cap she tatted before we know he was a he. My family was convinced we would have a girl.

It is so delicate and precious that I don’t know if I would actually ever put it on a baby even if it was a girl, but I am so glad to have this keepsake of her lace making.

So that gives you a look at some of our fabulous gifts and not much of a look at the room, but you will just have to wait for that. I think it is possible we will have the room all ready to go this week.

After all our wonderful showers and a trip this weekend to Babies ‘R’ Us, we have almost everything we need to bring home baby.

36 weeks pregnant and a bunch of belly photos.

We’ve come a long way and now we are almost there.

Along with throwing me a fantastic shower last weekend, my BFF took some maternity shots of me, Zach, and the bump. She sent me a preview of the photos and they are great. I am excited to see more. I wanted to have these so that someday our kid could look back and see what we were like and how happy we were waiting for him. Thanks to my friend and her husband we have some amazing pictures to remember this whole journey. They are my favorite photographers in Omaha because of their amazing work. You should check out their latest work at their blog.

We have come from this:

– I thought I was huge at this point. Seriously. I was 19 weeks, two days, and I couldn’t understand why people were not stopping me on the street to rub my belly –

to this:

I like how my belly looks like a glowing egg.

From the day we found out (snapshot courtesy of the then shocked and excited dad-to-be):

to this:

Wow. This baby has been working hard to grow so much in such a short time.  Now that we’ve gotten this far it is hard for me to comprehend how fast this experience has gone. Yes, I want to meet our baby, but I can’t wrap my mind around how soon this part of my life will be finished. I only have a few more weeks to rest my hand on his little rump under my skin and imagine how he is all curled up. I only have a little while left to feel him wake up and roll around to get closer to the sound of his dad’s voice.

Don’t think I am delirious with pregnancy hormones or suffering from heat stroke. I am aware that it is July,that  it is hot, and that I am having a hard time expanding my lungs around my son’s growing body parts. I dream of again one day wearing a shirt that doesn’t either sneakily ride up to reveal the bottom of my massive belly or instead make me look like a tent with a head. But this has been a strange, magical experience and when it is done I will never have this wonderment of a first-time pregnancy again.

I also have this feeling that from now on my life is going to be filled with weeks that go by too fast and moments that I want to stay in forever because I know how soon they will all be memories. It will be quite a few years, I imagine, before Zach and I leisurely sit on the couch knowing we really have nothing we need to be doing.

So for now we continue to wait, to feather our nest, and to get in as many rounds of golf as we can.

Awesome photos courtesy of Moseley Photography in Omaha, Nebraska. Seriously go look at their other amazing wedding and family photos if you haven’t.