Crafting success.

A few weeks ago I teased a project that I was working on for a friend. I can finally share that I made a cart seat cover for my BFF or, more accurately, her little one so there is no more gumming of the cart handle while at the grocery store.

Here it is in action:

I asked my friend to snap a picture when she was using the cart cover because when I tried to take a picture of it without a cart it just looked like a giant diaper cover. I like the pink stripped fabric I used, but I have to say, the cute baby really steals the show.

I have a few other projects on my craft/sewing list that I would like to get to before the baby comes, but really I just need to get my fabric and other supplies ready to go and realize that I can sew after baby too. The sewing machine is in the room next to the baby’s room so I am going to have to have something to work on during nap times so he gets used to the sound.


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