Thankful for family.

I am long overdue in posting about my 4th of July shower with my family. Life just keeps marching forward and we are now that much closer to having a little boy in our lives who will probably make all my blog posts overdue. But then you will all just be checking in for photos of a cute baby so I will have less pressure to form sentences.

But for now, back to the baby shower. My aunts hosted a “cabin baby shower.” In my opinion any event can be made better by having it in a cabin by a lake.

Besides the fish fry my aunts included some other important baby shower basics.

We had games like measuring my ever expanding middle,

a personalized game of Scattegories,

and guessing which candy bar is melted in a diaper. (Check out my grandma’s expression in the background. I think she remembers all to well the smell of baby diapers from six children and eight grandchildren. I have no idea what to think of my cousin Jim’s expression.)

Then we had gift opening. This is a blanket one of my grandma’s made in Watson colors. I have my own puppy blanket from babyhood as do many of my cousins.

We received tons of fabulous clothes, blankets, toys, and other baby tools.

Another baby shower must are fun guests, like a couch full of cousins.

And of course the decorations can really make a shower. The photo wall was the best part. Lots of round, bald babies in this family.

And, yes, that is a Glamour Shot of me. You remember, the photo shop in the mall that made twelve-year olds look like thirty-year olds in the 80s.

And no shower is complete without food,

and more food,

and the most adorable cupcakes, ever.

Zach and I had a fun time and left with our bellies full and lots of loot for our little guy. Thanks, family!


2 thoughts on “Thankful for family.

  1. Those are amazing cupcakes! We want to know who made them! Such attention to detail.
    We are reading your blog in D.C. and thinking about you!

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