Parents just don’t understand.

Yesterday as I was driving home I took a break from my Raffi and Baby Loves Jazz CDs to listen to some real quality music, as in the latest from Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. As in the music I like to pretend I have never heard and to which I  don’t know all the words.

The new Ke$ha song came on – you are certainly familiar with her from her debut single Tik Tok. I was taken back to a moment on the dance floor from my brother-in-law’s wedding last weekend.

My sister-in-law Gina and I were out tearing it up on the dance floor with the kids when this new Ke$ha song came on. I don’t want to admit that I knew all the words, but me and all the kids did. Gina stopped grooving after a few minutes and said, “What is she saying? You love my truck?”

Her 11-year-old executed a perfect preteen eye roll and said, “No, mom. She is saying, Your love is my drug.”

Then me and my niece went on singing with Ke$ha about needing rehab for being in love.

In Gina’s defense, songs about loving someone’s truck understandably make as much sense as songs comparing being in love to stumbling around an alley looking for a hit. On the other hand, Gina is the sister who brought her own copy of Cher’s 1973 hit single Half-Breed to our wedding to guarantee she would be able to get down to her favorite jam. Gina and my mother-in-law clearing the dance floor and dancing their behinds off is one of my favorite memories from our wedding.

If you have no idea why I have been inserting a dollar sign in place of an “s” in the last singer’s name then I’m sure you are at least familiar with this ditty. Or maybe with the music video featuring Cher in a headdress atop a horse.

I guess each generation has their songs with inappropriate lyrics and their moms who can’t begin to understand what is going on, but dance on anyway.


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