Happy Birthday to this guy!

Happy Birthday – yesterday – to my husband!

Last year for his birthday I surprised him with a trip to Portland for the Oregon Brewer’s Festival. It was fantastic. He was happy.

Last year at this time he was contemplating which beer to sample next.

This year he was in our child birth class discussing how forceps look a lot like salad tongs and contemplating the benefits of rubbing my lower back throughout contractions versus forming his body into a table so I can lean over him to relieve contraction pain. I set a pretty high precedent with last year’s birthday, but this year was unfairly low.

On top of having to sit through class, I gave him his birthday present about a month ago so there really was nothing for him to look forward to yesterday. We couldn’t even go out for a nice dinner because we had to head over to child birth class right after work. Poor guy.

When I was a kid I’m told I thought the whole month of my birth was meant for celebration of me. So I understand better than most the let down of a birthday that turns out to be one regular old day. We have some dinner plans for the next couple of weekends that are Zach’s choices so hopefully he will be able to accept those as delayed birthday celebrations.

I know being a parent is all about sacrifices, but I hope me and the boy can put a smile on Zach’s face for his birthday next year like the one from last year. He deserves it.


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