First Bath, first home video

I bought Zach a Flip for our anniversary and we took it with us to the hospital and Zach made a few quick videos, but the first bath seemed like a good first video post for the blog.

Here is the link:


One week old!

We’ve been busy over here raising little Ellis. He has been growing, eating well, sleeping well, and enjoying having visitors. Grandma and Grandpa went home on Sunday which was difficult for everyone – it was fantastic to have them here and they more than once tried to slip Dash into their suitcases on the way out the door.

Here is a picture from Ellis’ s first full day at home:

And here he is at one week old! It is hard to see the changed in him when we are with him all day, but he is definitely growing.

We went to the pediatrician last week for his first weight check and he was almost back to his birth weight! He was 7 lbs. 11 oz. at birth, 7 lbs. 3 oz. when he left the hospital, and two days later he was up to 7 lbs. 9 oz. His full tummy usually puts him in a good mood, but being propped up for a photo with his monkey is not his favorite activity – full tummy or not.

Finding time to blog has been difficult, to say the least, but we’ve been putting photos up on Flickr so even if you don’t have my words to update you on the little guy, you can always come to the blog and click on the Flickr link to see the latest.

At last.

Instead of being induced this morning…we were spending our first full day at home with this little guy!

Ellis Dashiell

Ellis, or Dash, made his appearance on Sunday, August 22nd, weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. We are all doing great and feeling blessed and satisfied.

We got home Tuesday and Watson came home today. My parents are staying for the week and the four of us are trying to care for one tiny, little man.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Baby photos – past and future.

I’m not sure what to talk about today. I had topics planned through yesterday and now I am out of ideas. No baby and pictures of my belly don’t seem that interesting anymore. So now what?

How about other baby pictures?

Here is one of my husband with blond hair and cute rosy cheeks.

Cute, right?

And here is one of me with, um… no hair and um…. cute fat rolls?

Apparently in the 80s photo sets were like colored appliances in the 50s – not much to choose from.

Anyway, if you are having trouble putting together these two images to create a mental image of what our little guy might look like here is some help:

Well, he appears to have inherited the big, bald head from both of us and my need for constant sun protection. If you want to get in on the fun yourself, I used this Baby Morpher at The Bump. If you aren’t satisfied with this version of our son, you will just have to stay tuned!

My new to do list.

After reading about these cookies on the Pitch Blog, I decided I had to have one, now. I decided I needed to have one before I was done with pregnancy, as in “How can I be ready for a baby if I haven’t tried one of these cookies?”

We went looking and could not find one. I moved on, sort of, because I am generally a rational person, sort of.  I was still imagining what the lemon and vanilla flavors would taste like and how creamy the frosting might be, but I was not going to make this a necessary item to check off my list.

Guess who found one and had it waiting for me when I got home yesterday?

This guy.

It was as good as promised. They whole family shared at least one more sugar blast before two of us aren’t sharing the same blood stream anymore.

Four more days – or less – to find and check off more meaningful activities from my to do list.

Holly’s handmade diapers.

My neighbor has a 20-month-old and has already been a resource to us on all things cloth diapering. She even went with me and Zach to the local cloth diapering store and explained all the equipment to us. And then for a baby gift she made us these:

A travel wet bag and two diapers! Her little man is very rock ‘n’ roll and much hipper than our little guy can probably ever be with us as parents, but I appreciate her helping him out with these cool diapers!

We plan on starting with disposables and slowly transitioning into cloth, but I am excited about it now. I have a hard time waiting for anything and I have already had to wait for-ev-er for this baby so I am not sure how long I will make it without trying out the cloth diapers.

Groupon and Gap.

I know many of you know and love Groupon. If you haven’t signed up you probably better do that now:

Today’s deal is for $50 worth of apparel at Gap for $25. This is a no-brainer in my book. I have liked Gap’s classic pieces for a long time and spent many a dollar there back in high school. You know what else I did in high school? I worked at Gap for a whole four weeks. I decided I needed this important job experience before heading off to college. I was going to be gone for half the summer on a family trip, but I left that part out when I was applying the job, and came in one day to work and told my boss about the “surprise” vacation my grandma had planned.

While my tenure was not long it was certainly eventful. Some girls from my high school stole some clothes while I was there, someone pooed in the dressing room, and I never learned to use the cash register. All in all, it was a bright spot on my resume.

I thought this story about my little personal relationship with Gap was blog appropriate especially today because I have been a little whiny and I needed to balance that out with some embarrassing stories about myself.  Hopefully I have evolved into a much better employee now — I got all of my grown-up jobs without lying about any planned vacations, and, knock on wood, so far no one has pooed on the floor at any other office I have worked in.