Getting the freezer ready for the baby.

One of the tasks on my multiple to do lists is to prepare and freeze a few dishes so that we would have a small store of food when the baby arrives.

I used to do this when Zach was studying for and taking finals in law school. I would spend an evening cooking three or four casseroles and then separate them into individual containers so would have a variety of meals and never had to leave the library during finals week. He would leave our apartment in the morning, grab two containers – one for lunch and one for dinner – and I wouldn’t see him again until the next morning.

So we have been through this routine before. I actually do enjoy cooking this way, without the pressure of regular weekday cooking. No one is coming through the door starving for a meal in the next 30 minutes and at the end I have lots more to show for my efforts than empty plates. I do have to be aware of lurkers, though.

It’s a balancing act between keeping Watson in sight and keeping him far enough away from the counters that he isn’t sampling any of the dishes.

And ever since entering the third trimester I have the other balancing act of figuring out what cooking activities I can do while sitting. Zach came home to find me like this:

My swollen feet are no joke at this point. Neither are my ankles, legs, or belly, but back to the cooking.

I actually get a little possessive with my Tupperwared meals and get a tiny bit angry when Zach wants to eat any of the food on the day it is made. He considers it the ultimate compliment, but I am focused on amassing my hard-won food stores.

While I am not big on eating a lot of meat my husband is so most of my go-to freezable meal recipes are meat heavy. I substitute ground turkey for ground beef and sometimes even switch to Boca meat and add as many veggies as I have around. But it would be good to find some more vegetarian recipes. I figure that Zach will be able to go get food for me if I can’t stand the frozen meals and he will be happy as a clam because the freezer is full of his favorites.

At least we still have our weekly veggies!


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