Knitted gifts warm my heart.

This week my uncle sent a box full of knitted goodies he had made for our little guy. Check out the blanket he made. It is so thick and soft and lovely. I carried it around the house, hugging it to my face and imagining our little guy loving to snuggle up with it too one day.

He also made the softest, plushiest little hooded cardigan I have ever seen.

I can just see him in the BOB wearing his little sweater and with his little blanket over his little knees while we stroll around the neighborhood. Not only is this baby lucky to have such nice gifts,  he is lucky to have such generous great uncles. They have already sent us loads of great gifts on top of dealing with a lot in their own lives right now. I can’t wait to take the babe to visit them in Florida next year; probably about the time that I am complaining that it is too cold for normal people in Kansas City and that I can’t wait to put some itty-bitty swim trunks on our guy.

Last week my mom sent these little hats which made me swoon. Zach thought I was crazy. I could tell, but I just couldn’t stand how cute the little pom-pom was on top of this one.

Maybe it will be cold enough in the hospital that he can wear this one right away.

It really needs to cool down soon because this boy has some amazing knitted gear to show off.

Until then:

I guess we will be ready for more sun.


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