What to do with a summer squash.

The other night Zach was away and I was left to find food for myself. Luckily I had read this article during the day and had the perfect recipe for one. One with produce to work through, that is.

Serious Eats is on my Google Reader so I check it out just about everyday.  I especially enjoy the Crisper Whisperer blog for ideas on what to do with your CSA produce.

Anyhow, when I saw the recipe for Farfalle with Summer Squash I knew what I would be doing with this thing:

This is some kind of summer squash and is very tasty, but I don’t know exactly what it is called, perhaps Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Squash, but I don’t remember.

I chopped it up, sautéed it in butter, and seasoned it as dictated by the recipe.

Then I mixed it with pasta – whole wheat Penne because that is what I had – and Parmesan cheese.


I ate all of it and didn’t even save a taste for Zach. Poor guy. The recipe was easy and quick besides creating a delicious meal.


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