Four years ago today…

We were tying the knot!

Happy Anniversary to my husband. Four years ago it was a hot, humid day – not unlike today – and we were eagerly anticipating what the future would bring  – not a bit unlike today. We’ve shared many milestones together, all of which now seem mild in contrast to what our next year will bring.

Tonight we will add a fourth year to our anniversary traditions:  Crab legs and clarified butter at home, white gloves and wedding photos, and a wedding video viewing.

In reality we will probably enjoying making and eating dinner together then I will put on the white gloves (because I never actually let Zach touch the album especially after clarified butter) and I will look through our wedding album talking about how happy I was and still am with our wedding photos. Then I will watch our video and ask Zach if he can believe how much everyone has changed over the last four years all while he says, “Oh yes, I agree,” and looks for a new putter on eBay.

Luckily for us this has become my favorite way to reminisce and his favorite way to shop on the internet.

Four years ago today I was overwhelmed with the idea that we were changing our lives forever. Today I am feeling the same way, but have had the last four years of sharing my life with someone to show me how wonderful that kind of change can be.

I know we are both glad to have had the last four years alone together and also ecstatic to now be adding a new member to our family.


2 thoughts on “Four years ago today…

  1. Happy anniversary, friends! It cracks me up that you wear white gloves to look at your wedding photos. Seriously?! That’s very “global thinker” of you :). Enjoy your evening!

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