Baby progress report: 38 weeks and 6 days

After my doctor’s appointment today we have established that I am still pregnant and probably will be for awhile. I am having sporadic contractions, but nothing to make me head for the hospital. My doctor is pleased with the progress I am making, but also asked me if I would like to schedule an inducement. She said we could schedule it for my due date which possibly indicates that she thinks I will go late. I said that I was not interested in being induced if it were up to me, and apparently it is until 41 weeks.

So if The Boy doesn’t come on his own by August 27th then I will be induced. That gives him some time to find his way down the birth canal and the weather some time to cool down. I am not too excited about the idea of bringing a baby home when the heat index is still somewhere between 110 and 115 degrees.

At this point I’m in no hurry for him to come; I have been prepared for him to come later than his due date all along so haven’t reached the point where I am willing to do anything just to get this baby out of my body.

Others have reason for him to wait to appear. My parents are going to a wedding in Denver this weekend and Zach is playing in a golf tournament. They all have given me instructions on how to make sure the baby doesn’t come in the next three days.

As far as how I’m feeling, I told someone the other day I was feeling relatively good and Zach called me a liar. I guess he is right, but what is the point of telling people what they already know? For all of you who don’t know:  Being nine months pregnant is far from the most comfortable experience a person can have. Shocking, I know.

You know what pregnancy-related pain did shock me? Ear pain. After about 24 weeks I couldn’t sleep on my back and now I wedge approximately three or four pillows – besides the Snoogle body pillow – around my body to keep my belly supported and to keep me from rolling onto my back in my sleep. I switch sides every time I wake up to use the restroom throughout the night, but my ears are not used to being laid on for such long periods of time. They are both pretty sore by the time I wake up in the morning. There you go. There’s something about pregnancy no one tells you.


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