The Festival of Butterflies.

On Saturday we went out to Powell Gardens to see the Festival of Butterflies and try out our new camera lens. It was hot, but I think that is how the butterflies like it.

We saw butterflies everywhere. The butterflies, moths, and flowers provided great subjects for practicing with the new lens. Perhaps I should have brought a zoom lens too since it was difficult to get close to some of the butterflies, but the new lens gave us some fantastic close up shots.

Zach even tried it out and got some great ones. I love that you can see the tips on the moth’s antennae in the picture he took.

There were tons of families and it was fun to watch the little kids watching the butterflies. I thought it seemed way too hot for all the kids to be having fun walking around gardens, but there was a Crown Center style fountain so many of the kiddies had come in their swimsuits so were able to cool off before and after the butterfly viewing.

I took some pictures of Zach too for some practice on human subjects.

Zach brought the Flip video camera so we had a little practice with that too.

Alright, Baby, we are checked out of the camera and camcorder so fell free to join us any day now!


2 thoughts on “The Festival of Butterflies.

  1. Dear Meghan,

    I just wanted to say that I still follow your blog religiously. I even read it when I was on vacation in the Ukraine. Also got your nice thank-you note when I returned to Berlin. Very kind of you!

    I think your blog is the nicest thing ever; I hope that you’ll keep it going even with baby, although I realize you’ll probably be tired in the beginning. But maybe after the first weeks!


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