Groupon and Gap.

I know many of you know and love Groupon. If you haven’t signed up you probably better do that now:

Today’s deal is for $50 worth of apparel at Gap for $25. This is a no-brainer in my book. I have liked Gap’s classic pieces for a long time and spent many a dollar there back in high school. You know what else I did in high school? I worked at Gap for a whole four weeks. I decided I needed this important job experience before heading off to college. I was going to be gone for half the summer on a family trip, but I left that part out when I was applying the job, and came in one day to work and told my boss about the “surprise” vacation my grandma had planned.

While my tenure was not long it was certainly eventful. Some girls from my high school stole some clothes while I was there, someone pooed in the dressing room, and I never learned to use the cash register. All in all, it was a bright spot on my resume.

I thought this story about my little personal relationship with Gap was blog appropriate especially today because I have been a little whiny and I needed to balance that out with some embarrassing stories about myself.  Hopefully I have evolved into a much better employee now — I got all of my grown-up jobs without lying about any planned vacations, and, knock on wood, so far no one has pooed on the floor at any other office I have worked in.


One thought on “Groupon and Gap.

  1. Laughing out loud. What a great story.

    You are most certainly entitled to be a little whiny right now. And before you blink, you’ll be trading out the “whin” for “momm”, which is much more fun. 🙂

    Are you working right up until you go to the hospital, or do you have a last day planned?

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