Three weeks old.

Another week down. Incredible. Each week has been completely different; the challenges and the joys change just as quickly as Ellis grows.

Here is the three-week old with his monkey:

I finally got a picture of him not screaming, but now he looks terrified. We discovered that the glider rocker is a lot like the swing which is a good thing, but I think he was still deciding what he thought at this point.

We also discovered that being on his tummy on my arm and being zoomed around the house airplane style is an exciting, enjoyable game. That was what we were doing right before our photo session. I don’t know how he compares to other infants, but he seems to have great neck control and although he doesn’t mind a few minutes of tummy time each day, he much preferred being an airplane.

The question of who Dash looks like is still debatable, but there is one feature of his that is unquestionably from his mother:

His finger toes. His second, third, and fourth toes are longer than his big toes and the pinkie toes curl around the fourth toe. This last feature of our feet has made it impossible for me to wear many styles of summer sandals because they can make me look like I only have four toes. I have come to grips with me toes and embraced my ability to pick up more dropped items with them than the average human.

Speaking of grips:

He already has a pretty good idea of how to use his toes to clamp onto things. Maybe he will find some sport or something where long toes will help him. Or maybe he will one day realize it is my genes that have done this to him and never forgive me. At least the more limited variety of mens’ summer sandals won’t present him with years of disappointing trips to the shoe store.


One thought on “Three weeks old.

  1. Doctors don’t know …..

    If it is safe to get his tongue clipped then do it. Beth did it for his Uncle Luke, and i think it made a world of difference. My mom did not have mine clipped. your dad did not have his clipped. and we both had huge swallowing problems as kids, especially when it came to swallowing a pill. or at least i did, and i hear rumor your dad did as well.

    i remember my mom having to get whatever medicine i needed in liquid form well up into high school, which caused all sorts of problems and embarrassment. i also remember about 2nd year in high school standing in the bathroom and trying to swallow a tylenol or whatever. finally mastering it but by then then the pill had melted to half its size. whatever, it was a success. don’t judge me!

    things are fine now, but it was tough. and i know it had to do with my tongue being tied. i have since met others with this and there is almost unanimous agreement that we all had trouble swallowing pills until adults.

    also he should have the right to stick his tongue out at others. i have always wondered what that would be like!!!!

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