Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween wishes from our little sweet pea.


Twenty-one days done.

I posted awhile ago about how I picked up some new running shoes when Dash was a month old. I was waiting until my 6-week postpartum visit to start running again just to be safe. Once I got the ok from my doctor I was ready to go – except I had forgotten that life with a baby is not as simple as it used to be. Thanks to my supportive spouse I was out the door before the baby was seven weeks old and putting some miles on my new shoes.

It felt so great to be moving like that again and on that first run I started to make some goals in my head. I knew I wanted to run in a 5K before the year was over so I was going to have to train a little to do that. Then I was thinking that I should run every day for fourteen days to try to get back into a groove while the weather was still warm. And then I remembered reading about the theory that it takes 21 days to form a habit on a blog I like to read. I was nervous to make such a lofty goal on my first post-pregnancy run, but I also wanted to stay motivated and not fizzle out. By the time I got back home from that first run the goal was set firmly in my head.

That was…21 days ago! I actually completed my 21st consecutive jog on Thursday. The last two days of my streak were difficult for scheduling reasons, but that will probably be the norm so I feel even better that I got them done – again thanks to a supportive husband and a Labradoodle willing to be used as a night-light and bodyguard on some late runs. These were relatively short runs, anywhere from 1 mile to 3 1/2 miles, but it was a big deal for me. I reached my goal and the 21-day path was a good one. Now I have signed up to run the Lung Hill Run next weekend which happens to be the day after my birthday! This weekend I am taking a few days off and enjoying my accomplishment and some Halloween candy.

The CSA 2010 finale

Last week our coop for local fruits and veggies came to an end. It has been a good run – from May through October – and a great experiment. We ate foods we had never tried and discovered ways to prepare foods we previously had never liked – sauteed radishes are still our favorite.

Over the past few weeks I have been making soups with our fresh veggies. Yummy, hearty fall soups. I found recipes for a Butternut Squash Soup, a Turkey Chili (which I used Bocca meat in) and an Autumn Harvest Soup in Fitness magazine. All were healthy and delicious. Then I made a tomato soup that one of our friends from church made us. It was so yummy when she made it that Zach requested the recipe and then asked me to please, please make it soon. She used this recipe from Pioneer Woman. We have been enjoying soups and crusty bread for dinner many nights the past few weeks and I also froze a bunch for later thanks to my aunt Kat getting us a chest freezer for a baby gift!!

I don’t have any pictures from these meals because I found that cooking with an infant involves choices like finishing the meals before he wakes up from his nap or having photos from the preparation of meals that are never completed.

Now I am looking into other organic and local veggie programs to maybe try over the winter months. Having the veggies in my kitchen forced me to be more organized about meal planning and it was fun searching for new recipes to cook the stuff I had. Two programs I am looking at are Fresh Connect and Door to Door Organics. I’ll let you know what we decide to do!

Embrace the Camera – Daddy edition.

This is so fun. We are embracing the camera again this week.



Here is Dash and his Dad hanging out.

I realize you can only see his little orange and black clad arm and the top of his bald head, but it is timely – Halloween-y – and you get to see how much my two guys like hanging out together. When Zach gets home from work Dash will crank his neck around in all directions to keep his eyes on his Poppa. He usually runs out of smiles by 4:30 p.m, but somehow he always has a few saved up for his Dad.

I think we can all agree that Zach is wearing fatherhood well.

Two-month appointment.

Dash had his two month appointment this week and he is doing great. He is in the 50th percentile for everything which means he has gained two pounds and two inches in the last month. He is now just at 12 lbs.

He got his two-month shots as well and took them with hardly any crying. What did set him off was the nurse trying to measure his height. He was looking around a little panicked and crying so she flipped him over to his tummy to see if that would calm him. We were not surprised to see him flip right back over to his back, but she was. On his way over he grabbed the paper covering the table and ripped it off. She said he was not supposed to be rolling over until 4 months, but his grabbing skills are right on schedule.

Once we got home, though he started to feel a little sluggish and just wanted to be held. I can handle some extra snuggle time for sure especially because he won’t usually sleep in my arms. The band-aids covered the better part of his chunky thighs, but after a little extra napping he was back to his old self.


Boys are gross.

My baby peed on his face. I am no good at building up to the punch line of a story so there it is up front.

I was changing his diaper and had his little tushy hoisted up in the air. When I lowered him back down I saw that his romper was soaked. I followed the wet trail up to his face where he blinked back at me, looking rather pleased, with pee all over his face. Fantastic.

I usually have him covered with a cloth wipe so if he pees it just soaks the cloth, but sometimes his vigorous kicking displaces the pee shield. If he ever goes while uncovered it makes me jump. The thing about it is that it makes no noise; he is a stealth pee-er. I guess I am used to the sound of pee in a toilet, not being shot in an arch through the air. The latter is soundless and much messier.

Cloth diapering here we come!

On Saturday my neighbor and I went to our local cloth diapering store for a diaper swap. I also had a Groupon to spend so it was a serious shopping spree for all things related to baby poo.

I have about half the number of diapers I probably need to get into cloth diapering full time and I want to get started in the next couple of weeks so I needed a few more to try out. My neighbor had suggested getting a variety of brands and styles so I can test them out and see which ones work best for us. From shower gifts, watching the sale sites like, Baby Steals and from the diaper swap here is what I have so far:

g Diaper


bum Genius

Happy Heiny

Fuzzi Bunz

handmade diapers and soakers from my neighbor.

They are all washed and ready for action.

The biggest hurdle to cloth diapering is Dash’s persistent diaper rash. The only way to keep it at bay seems to be Desitin which is not compatible with cloth. I picked up some disposable liners, some fleece liners, and some all natural diaper cream to give us some options to try with cloth. The best solution would be to figure out what is causing his rash, but so far we have no ideas. On one hand a more breathable fabric might help out his little tush. On the other hand the disposable diapers might be keeping it from getting worse because of their incredible wicking powers. Ugh. Either way it isn’t stopping this boy from smiling!