The Mystery of the Squeaky Toy.

Since Ellis has arrived our family’s first dependent has been demoted to family pet. Some might say that is where he always belonged, but those someones maybe haven’t met this guy.

He has handled the transition fairly well considering he is the dog.

Watson no longer gets daily trips to doggie day care and often spends the entire day in the backyard sitting under a tree waiting for squirrels to keep him company. He does usually get a long daily walk next to the stroller and he often gets a bone to chew on while we tend to the baby. His one remaining vice from his life as an only child is this:

A squeaky toy my mom got him. He adores it. It squeaks when he bites it and when he drops it. I think it actually squeaks when he looks at it. I hide it in the pantry, but somehow, usually at bedtime, someone leaves the pantry door open, he finds it, brings it up to Ellis’s room, and flings it around trying to entice someone into playing with him. One night as I was rocking Ellis in his room Watson got up from the floor by the crib and left the room. I could hear him going down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen and then coming back up. When he got back to Ellis’s room he dropped the toy on the footrest as if to say, “Your just sitting there, why not throw this toy for me?” It gets annoying and the first time he wakes a sleeping baby squeaking it, it will no longer be funny, but right now it still makes me laugh.

The other morning I opened the front door to this:

I have no explanation for how his favorite toy ended up on the front step. It is like someone tried to get rid of it and it found its way back home. I accused Zach of taking it out with the trash, but he claimed he had not touched it. However it happened, Watson is just happy to have it back.

I’m sure he still has hopes that someday one of us will throw that toy and he will be able to find his way back to number one.


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