Dash meets Watson.

I am pretty sure that Dash has noticed Watson before, but it is hard for him to track the furry blob as he rushes by. The other day as he was enjoying some tummy time Watson decided to join us. Dash got really quiet and just stared at Watson for a few moments. Then he looked away and then looked back and just stared. Watson pretended to be interested in itching his paw.

Watson is still learning boundaries concerning baby toys, play mats, and pacifiers – his favorite. Dash has one pacifier with a little red stuffed puppy attached to it – a Wubbanub – and Watson has started to steal this when he finds it in Dash’s swing. He usually could care less about the baby, unless he is attached to a poopy diaper – which he finds intensely interesting – or is screaming in which case Watson wants to be let outside immediately.

But whenever he sees a blanket laid on the ground he assumes it is for him. This is problematic as there is often a small person occupying the blanket. So I am trying to teach Watson to keep himself and every inch of his long poodley legs off baby mats. It’s been tough emotionally for him.

I know the two of them will be great friends once Dash is older and can start to interact with Watson. And Watson’s world will start looking a little rosier once Dash starts solid foods. If only I could explain this to Watson maybe he wouldn’t spend the next few months in an “Eeyore mood.” But until then, they will both be clueless about how great life together will be.

Just wait, Watson. In no time at all this little bit of a human is going to terrorize and thrill you. Just give him time to figure out how to fling those Cheerios.



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