May the road rise to meet you. May the wind aways be at your back.

Once upon a time I had a goal to train for and run in a half marathon. I asked my workout buddy, Ashley, if she would like to train with me. She kindly said, heck no, I am never running that many miles in a row. And then I soon after found out I was pregnant. I quietly changed my goal from training for a hm to having a healthy pregnancy. In the meantime Ashley and I started running 2-3 miles a couple times a week and her goal slowly changed to running her first half marathon. She continued to run with me until I felt too big to move that fast and then she walked with me up until I felt too big and tired to move at all.

I reached my goal of having a healthy pregnancy and it was in large part thanks to Ashley keeping me motivated to keep moving all the way through. Today Ashley will fulfill her goal of completing a half marathon at the Kansas City Marathon. Dash and I just have one thing to say:

Really we have to say thank you too because we both enjoyed the runs and the walks. At the moment Ashley thinks she may be done after one half, but as I get back into running and reestablish my goal of a half marathon we hope to maybe convince her to do it again!


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