The craftiness continues.

Our first sewing project went so well that I was eager to try another one. I even took pictures of the process this time so you could see how cute and helpful my assistant is. What I can’t show you is one of the final products because it is a gift I haven’t given yet.

First here is the little guy in his basket keeping me company:


A here is a wide shot so you can see just how close he is to the action:

I hope he remains a sound sleeper for a long while. Don’t tell me if this phase ends soon – I want to believe he will always sleep through barking dogs and whirring sewing machines.

Here is the set up for my secret project.

I’m using a pattern from this book.

I got Handmade Home from the Soule Mama before I was pregnant because I loved the idea of all the projects reusing fabrics and repurposing clothes and fabrics from around the house. The crafts mostly center around children and families so it was a little inappropriate for my lifestyle at the time, but I think it was all part of the process I had for getting ready to have a family someday. Anyway, now it is filled with appropriate projects for my life and I am excited to try more.

The second project was a quick one for Dash.

It is a baby sensory blanket with different textured fabrics and ribbon loops for a little one to explore with his fingers. I found it over at The Sewing Dork. I didn’t finish the edges – I got a little distracted and was trying to finish in record speed – but I don’t think Dash will notice and if I make one for a gift I now know what I am doing.

Poor guy is probably always going to get the first tries of my sewing and the improved products will go out as gifts, but still I don’t think he will mind. At least not yet. And maybe when he is older and has an opinion about these things I will be a better pattern reader. And if not that than maybe he will just nap for longer periods so I have more time to work with. Maybe.

Are you impressed with my craftiness? This guy wasn’t.

He would much rather we be out on a walk or better yet chasing neighborhood cats.


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