The CSA 2010 finale

Last week our coop for local fruits and veggies came to an end. It has been a good run – from May through October – and a great experiment. We ate foods we had never tried and discovered ways to prepare foods we previously had never liked – sauteed radishes are still our favorite.

Over the past few weeks I have been making soups with our fresh veggies. Yummy, hearty fall soups. I found recipes for a Butternut Squash Soup, a Turkey Chili (which I used Bocca meat in) and an Autumn Harvest Soup in Fitness magazine. All were healthy and delicious. Then I made a tomato soup that one of our friends from church made us. It was so yummy when she made it that Zach requested the recipe and then asked me to please, please make it soon. She used this recipe from Pioneer Woman. We have been enjoying soups and crusty bread for dinner many nights the past few weeks and I also froze a bunch for later thanks to my aunt Kat getting us a chest freezer for a baby gift!!

I don’t have any pictures from these meals because I found that cooking with an infant involves choices like finishing the meals before he wakes up from his nap or having photos from the preparation of meals that are never completed.

Now I am looking into other organic and local veggie programs to maybe try over the winter months. Having the veggies in my kitchen forced me to be more organized about meal planning and it was fun searching for new recipes to cook the stuff I had. Two programs I am looking at are Fresh Connect and Door to Door Organics. I’ll let you know what we decide to do!


2 thoughts on “The CSA 2010 finale

  1. The fresher the better.
    We live pretty close to the Salinas Valley which is considered the SALAD BOWL of the world. They had to pass laws to restrict developers from building over it. Go figure.
    And they say what’s the matter with Kansas?
    I believe in the normal distribution of dumbness.


  2. If you are willing the share the butternut squash soup recipe, I’d love to try it! awesome to hear you still have time for cooking yummy soup. you’re such a wonderful mom:).

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