Thanksgiving was a blast, but I think I am still recovering. We spent time with family and friends and enjoyed lots of eating and sitting around together. I have photos up on flickr so you can see the festivities and I hope to get back to blogging more soon, but, phew!, I am just not up to it yet. Here is another photo of our little family to tide you over until I have a baby who can sleep more than 45 minutes at a time!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I needed a good dose of Thanksgiving to put me in the mindset of being thankful.

Today I’m thankful for:

  • A supportive husband
  • A beautiful, happy baby who is healthy and growing even if he isn’t sleeping like I think he should.
  • Lots of family who support and love us and love our little guy.
  • My BFF, her advice and awesome photography skills so that we have beautiful photos of our little family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Eve.

We are looking forward to the holiday; getting to be with family and being able to introduce Ellis to family he hasn’t met yet. We’re also looking forward to lots of extra hands who are not only willing, but are eager to hold our sweet, sweet boy who refuses to sleep.  Ever. Be it day or night.

He is plenty tired, but if you’ve ever been around an infant, baby, or child you know that being tired has no connection to ability to sleep. Right now this guy is the only one sleeping in our household.

Oh my. Someday I know I will look back and miss all the time I got to spend with him when he was so young and refused to close his little eyes. When he is 16 and I’m laying awake at night with thoughts of the damage he could do to himself in a car I’m sure I will wish I was back in simpler times when all he was doing was crying and not sleeping.

I think Thanksgiving came at the right time for me – I need to reflect on all that I am thankful for.

Even if that list does not currently include sleep.

The Po-po saw my ta-tas.

Zach’s mom has been a fantastic help to us. She drives 45 minutes to babysit for us and then thanks me for letting her. The other day as she was getting ready to leave she asked if she could please change his diaper before she left. Seriously. Dash is luckily to have such a loving grandma, but I am luckier.

Grandma came in to babysit on Saturday so that we could go to a wedding sans baby.

We got spiffed up and went with some of our friends.

It was a nice wedding and we are so happy for the new couple.

I had decided it would be easy enough to bring my pump with me and just step out of the reception for about 15 minutes to pump in the car since I wouldn’t be with Dash at his dinnertime. I slipped out as tables were being dismissed for the buffet line, guessing I would be back about the same time as our table would be released.

The reception site had police officers directing cars into the parking lot and then guarding the lot during the reception. As I walked past them to the car, it crossed my mind to mention to them that I would be sitting in the backseat of my car for a few minutes, but I couldn’t quite figure out how I would explain why I would be doing that. I got into the car, quickly got set up in the dark and draped a coat over my shoulder. Moments into my process the car was briefly flooded with light. Apparently part of the police officers’ job for the evening was to make sure guests weren’t slipping out of the reception and getting busy in the backseat of their cars. Well I was busy, but alone, so thankfully one sweep with the flashlight was all I got. I am not sure how much of a show they got though. When I walked back into the reception, they sheepishly apologized so I’m guessing they saw enough to figure out what I was doing.

I had heard that your modesty diminishes after childbirth which is lucky since exposing myself in a dark parking lot for the sake of my son seems to be part of motherhood.

Heart of the home.

A while back I teased a project I had been working on from Soule Mama’s book. It was a gift for my BFF’s birthday so I didn’t want to show it until I had given it to her.

I made a little stuffed heart with a pocket on the front for her family to leave little notes to each other.

I thought it was a sweet idea for a family and I had scraps left over from the quilt I made her for a wedding gift four and a half years ago so it seemed perfect. For the pocket I used to cuff of an old sweater I have been cutting up for these types of projects. Now I want to make one for my family.

While I was at it I redid the sensory blanket I made for Ellis because I hadn’t finished the edges correctly and it was bothering me.


I also added his initial in some fleece for an extra sensory experience.

For some reason the blanket looks like the size of a postage stamp. It is about 9 inches square so it is not really a blanket.

In Ellis news, he is so, so close to laughing.  He has the build up to the laugh down. He opens his mouth wide and even crinkles his nose a little bit. He sucks in his breath, but then sort of chokes on it instead of giggling.

It is coming, I just know it.