More Halloween Fun.

Not only did Dash have a Halloween costume this year he had three Halloween outfits, four if you count a bib. He spent the whole weekend celebrating in holiday duds.

Outfit one:

Zach’s mom found this one for him. It says, “Grandma’s little pumpkin.” Taking pictures of Dash with the flash on my camera does crazy things to his eyes, but my parents living room is very dark so this is why his is making crazy eyes.

Outfit two:

Grandma also got him this one. I thought he looked like a member of the chain gang, but my dad, a Missouri fan, was convinced he was dressed as a tiger for the big game. He is making crazy eyes in this photo too and I took it with my iPhone so maybe the kid is just perfecting his startled look.

Outfit three:

He wore this one to a birthday party over the weekend and he has already worn it for his two month picture and to a Halloween party earlier in the month.

We had fun dressing him up all weekend, but I think the best outfit was this one:


One thought on “More Halloween Fun.

  1. He was a San Francisco Giants fan. He told me he was tired of rooting for losing teams and that he went for the giants, especially after they won!

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