Shopping and People Watching.

For a birthday treat to myself Dash and I went to an antique/vintage stuff store called Good Juju. It is only open the first weekend of every month which happened to be on my birthday hence the birthday treat.

For his gift to me, Dash was a sweetheart. I timed our trip so that he would have about 40 minutes to nap in the car before we got there. I figured then he would either continue to nap in the carrier or he would cry, but hopefully all the people would distract him.

The boy couldn’t stop looking around. This is us in a mirror so you can see how curious he was. I was going to cover him with the blanket so he could snooze if he was interested, but he was not. He kept flipping his head around so fast that I had to hold his noggin steady so it didn’t pop right out of the sling. He looked at stuff and at all the ladies shopping; he even apparently flashed his trademark gummy smile at one lady which made her feel very special – she told me.

I think his eyesight is getting better and he enjoys taking in new sights. We both had a great time until it was time to eat and then one of us wailed all the way home.


2 thoughts on “Shopping and People Watching.

  1. A Hemenway/Hattemer man loves his “stuff”.

    They are some pretty dedicated shoppers–ask Frank or Ted Maier/Hattemer.

    Dash comes from a long time of shoppers.

    Aunty Anna, a Shopper

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