Birthday and race recap.

My last year in my twenties is my first year as a mother.

Waiting for our little guy to arrive made last year a pretty exciting one, but I imagine this year will be filled with all kinds of new experiences and excitement. For my birthday Zach and I went out for dinner and his parents came to watch Dash. It was fun, but we spent 80% of our time talking about our baby and he other 20% looking at someone else’s baby at the next table.

We were not out late because the next morning I had the Lung Hill Run 5k. I wanted to get back to running soon and participate in a race before it got too cold. My running buddy told me about this race which seemed like just the ticket.

This was a fun race. We started at Liberty Memorial and went down Main Street. It was chilly went the race started, but it was a sunny day and the race was a lot of fun.

The race allowed baby strollers and dogs so I think I’ll do it again next year and bring the BOB.

I was pleased with the race and glad I did it. The best part was having these two to greet me at the end.

The little one was enjoying his morning with dad.

Afterwards we went out for breakfast. It was a great way to continue my birthday celebration. When I was a kid I thought the whole month was for celebrating me.

I think somehow the rest of this month – and the rest of this year – will be about this little dude.


3 thoughts on “Birthday and race recap.

  1. When you put on your Baby Hat–I see how much he looks and smiles like you!

    Well done! He is a little darling–love the jeans jacket!
    Living near trusted caretakers is a real comfort and help for mothers and babies.


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