Dancing like a Maniac.

Baby Legs are fantastic. Dash has a couple of pairs and now that he is a) in cloth diapers and b) a hot, sweaty baby I have found that putting him in pants with no crotch is the best way to go.

He could still wear 3 month clothing except for these cloth diapers. They make his little bum twice as big and make his baby sweatpants a little tight at the waist. So, Baby Legs. But these little wonders can be created very easily so I couldn’t resist making some.

Yesterday when he decided not to nap we had another joint sewing project day. I sewed and he modeled. (FYI, I know the baby needs sleep and we are working on that, but sometimes I get the “You are crazy if you think I am sleeping any longer today, mama” smile and I know I have lost that round. If you are wondering, that smile looks a lot like this one.)

I found instructions here to make baby leg warmers from adult-sized socks. I used one pair of women’s crew socks and two pairs of men’s crew socks.

Target had Paul Frank Halloween socks on sale and I figured black, orange, and monkey skull faces are appropriate for little boys any time of the year. The men’s socks seem to fit him better and provide more length.

The women’s crew socks turned into legitimate Flash Dance leg warmers as in they really only go up to his knees. Still cute, but not pants substitutes.

Although he may not look it, he loves the freedom of his little leg warmers. This is just what happens to babies who sew during nap time. Here is a more rested baby modeling the striped pair.

Thankfully the little man has agreed to his afternoon nap today so I am blogging and he is sleeping with toasty warm legs.


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