The end of a very good year.

As 2010 comes to an end I am thankful for two things:

The last 4 1/2 months have been challenging, but 2 little things make it all amazing:

Thanks for reading for the last year and letting me share about all our experiences!


I told you he likes books.

Dash likes to read. We have spent more and more time looking at books and reading as he gets older. He seems to have his favorites.

But he likes to find new ones too. We were reading one with fuzzy pictures and touching them with our hands. Dash decided to try tasting them too. Books are so fun.

He likes when I read them and turn the pages, but he also seems to enjoy sitting with them by himself.

P.S. I got Photoshop for Christmas (thanks, Leah!) so please forgive me as I experiment.

4 month stats.

Dash is now 4 1/2 months,  but had his 4 month doctor’s appointment last week so we have some stats updates.

He is now 13 lbs. 12 oz. which puts him in the 25th percentile and his head is in the 75th percentile. He is growing well and aside from a little eczema and acid reflux he is totally healthy. He got his 4 month shots and handled them well. We can start him on rice cereal anytime between now and 6 months. I am not in any hurry for solid food diaper changes, but I imagine that he will enjoy the eating experience. He chomps on everything and watches me eat and drink.

He has his hands in his mouth all the time and appears to be trying to get a hold of his tongue. This causes him to drool all day long.

He loves Watson and has big smiles for him whenever he sees him.

Besides laughing and his other noises he also has started yelling. It is hilarious. I say to him, ” Say ahhh!” and he looks at me, smiles and says, “ahhhhh!” I had to record it in case he didn’t do it again, but he can’t stop. One day Zach went to work and the kid sounded like a white noise machine and when he got home he was shouting and squealing and giggling.

He sleeps…better, but as I write that he is in the middle of wailing on and off for the last two and a half hours. He seems to be going through some changes. We had stopped swaddling him, then started again and now he seems to be getting too strong to keep it on which scares us. The month of no sleep in our house was when we stopped swaddling him the first time. I know he is older now so maybe he won’t startle awake, but ugh. Sleep…ugh.

Anyway he is a happy, happy baby during the day which is great. We are thankful for that and I’m glad to get to spend time with all day.

Baby’s first Christmas.

All in all it was a good first Christmas under the little one’s belt. We tried out some new traditions with our son’s future Christmas’s in mind, saw some family, and were home in time for naps.

First we went to Christmas Eve service at our church. Dash managed to happily hang out for most of the songs and telling of the Christmas story. Just as the service was winding down and about 30 minutes before bedtime he fell dead asleep. Not such fantastic timing, but babies will be babies.

Christmas morning we awoke at 5:45 a.m. – someone was very excited for Santa.

Or maybe going to bed so stinking early the night before had thrown him off. We opened gifts, just the three of us and of course this guy:

I got a fantastic gift which I proudly wore the rest of the day.

Barefoot running here I come!

Then we piled into the car to head to Lawrence. There we opened gifts and hung out with Zach’s family.

Dash got some aunt and uncle time and also got to meet his great-grandfather for the first time.

I love the four generations photos.

We headed back home in the afternoon so Dash could get some sleep and the next day Zach’s sister and her family came to our house to meet their youngest relative.

They were not disappointed in him and he enjoyed time with his cousins and aunt and uncle.

Holidays are a smidgen different when you are a parent instead of a kid returning home to stuff your face, open gifts, and sit around while someone else prepares your next meal. Don’t get me wrong, we did still do that, but somehow it is all different.  We have a teensy bit more responsibility than we did last holiday season, but I think we handled it well. Next weekend my parents will come down to us to celebrate with their grandson.

The best part of the holiday was Dash’s gift to us. On the evening of Christmas the three of us were sitting playing on the couch before his bedtime and he giggled at us. It was fantastic.



Keeping the mitts warm.

We have an all-weather cover for the BOB so we can still enjoy our daily walks come rain sleet, or snow.

But the other day it was cold enough that I think Dash’s hands were too icy for him to enjoy himself.

I took a break from knitting my sweater – I am oh, so close to finishing it – and whipped up some tiny, thumbless mittens for our next walk. I used this pattern and used a new technique I learned for knitting both mittens at the same time so it really was a quick project and the next day we had warm little hands for our walk.

He looks like he has little yellow lobster claws, but now he’s a warm lobster.