So part of the reason I don’t have the energy to blog lately is this guy and his difficulty sleeping after 7:30 p.m.

But I must confess that part of the reason is that every free moment I have had this week I have been doing this:

Zach got me a gift certificate to take a knitting class for Christmas last year, but my schedule has never lined up with the class offerings until now. I enrolled in a two-week class to make a cute little sweater jacket. After the first class we got a boatload of “homework.” Hmmm. I didn’t really think that through. Knitting is a great activity to keep your hands busy when you are watching t.v. in the evening or traveling on a long road trip or reallyat any other time in my life. At the moment my hands are full of baby most of the day.

So now you know the truth. You can really blame a lot of things on your baby, but it really isn’t fair when he is this sweet.


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