4 months old.

A lot of firsts for us today.

Our 4 month old woke up to find the first snowfall of the year and the first of his life.  He also woke up happy – without any tears – for the first time. I don’t know how long he was in his crib awake and I don’t know how he is supposed to wake me up if he doesn’t yell out, but it sure was so nice to see his happy face this morning.

In the last month his sleep has gotten worse and then gotten better. We regressed and are swaddling him again, but it has helped him sleep longer than 45 minutes at a time all night long. Now he is sleeping about 8 hours, waking to eat, then sleeping about 3 more hours. I think I have finally accepted that his sleep is going to be affected every time something changes in his life and we just have to try to help him get good sleep as often as possible.

He laughs now which still is mostly just a quick intake of breath, but it counts! He is starting to enjoy peekaboo – it makes him laugh – and he is both intrigued and terrified by the noises and faces his father makes. He picks his feet up almost to his face and is able to grab them when he is in a sitting position. Our estimate is that he is now 13 1/2 pounds, but we will have more accurate stats on him after his doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks. I got to hold a seven-week-old baby at church the other day and I could not believe how much Dash has grown since then. I also realized how much easier caring for him is now. I think everyone must have different stages they enjoy most from their child’s life and I think for me the tiny, tiny newborn stage was tough. It is nice now to get to see his smile, to know that he is eating well, to know that he has the ability to sleep, and to see him enjoy playing and other activities. He really is a sweet, happy boy and it is so fun to be with him.


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